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Edison Neighborhood Association wall mural

Loyalty Rewards Support Edison Neighborhood Association

When you sign up for Water Street’s Loyalty Rewards, you earn three reward points for every dollar you spend at any of our café locations. These points can be redeemed for discounts, OR you can choose to donate a portion directly to our Featured Non-Profit. From April through June 2024, our Featured Non-Profit is the Edison Neighborhood Association.

The Edison Neighborhood Association (ENA) was established in 1968 and is an organization representing the largest and most diverse neighborhood in the city of Kalamazoo. With nearly 10,000 residents from various cultural backgrounds, the Edison Neighborhood Association’s vision is a “city within a city”. Creating a vibrant alternative downtown, a rich arts and culture scene, and walkable streets buzzing with urban gardens. 

The ENA works to revitalize the neglected parts of the community by focusing on economic empowerment, affordable housing, food access, environmental sustainability, and cultural programs. Maximizing the quality of life and sense of community within the neighborhood is their main mission, while prioritizing well-being, equity, and collaborative efforts to uplift and empower all residents.

There are many programs and events hosted by the Edison Neighborhood Association designed to bring the community together. These events, such as Community Socials, are free, family-friendly events and vary from month to month. Through these programs and events, ENA has worked to foster relationships with local artists and their community members and is committed to community outreach and input for murals and the creation of public art. Another great resource the Edison Neighborhood Association provides is Tay’s Farm. This program promotes urban sustainable gardening, educates on growing produce, facilitates produce exchange, teaches food preservation, and addresses food insecurity within a closed-loop food system.  


Water Street is proud to support the Edison Neighborhood Association and we hope that you can help us in this effort.

Supporting non-profits throughout Kalamazoo county

Water Street’s Loyalty Rewards Program began in 2018 and features a new non-profit each quarter. With the help of our customers, we've been able to give a total of $13,518 to non-profit organizations to help support the important work they do in our community.

Check out our Giving page to learn how your organization can apply to be considered as our next Loyalty Rewards Featured Non-Profit.

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