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Having a knack for brewing a delicious cup of coffee early on, we began our quest for the perfect baked good. When it comes to coffee food pairings we quickly discovered the answer is hand-crafted, from-scratch, with-love. So, we began to create unique recipes, food combinations, and flavor profiles.

Originally a one woman show, the kitchen quickly became a two person show, then three, then four… With the possibilities limited only by our imagination, the goal was simple: make delicious homemade food, from scratch, using real, locally sourced ingredients. We truly do it all. That salsa on top of your steaming hot burrito? We made that. The scrambled eggs inside? We cracked every one. We make every sauce, stock, and dressing. Even the crust of your pie was mixed and rolled by hand. The result you see today is years of our passionate team perfecting the classics and dabbling in the latest trends. Now, with a staff of 20, our kitchen provides food for all of our Café locations and our wholesale customers.

Our cafés serve you anytime of day, so we make sure all eating occasions have delicious sweet and savory options to choose from. That’s why you’ll find yourself satisfied at Water Street for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. Today, it could be a crave-worthy Incredible Bar or a warm and flaky Spinach Feta Turnover. Tomorrow, it might be a sweet Mixed Berry Scone, decadent Mac n’ Cheese, or even our Kale Salad. Whatever you choose, eat knowing it’s handmade with real ingredients for you.

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