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Frequently Asked Questions

Online orders require prepayment with debit or credit card.  You cannot use cash or gift cards to pay for online orders.

Yes! Please visit the desktop version of our online ordering app here. Please be sure you are choosing the correct Water Street location before placing your order.

After you submit your order, you will receive an email receipt confirming your order and pick-up time. At that time the shop you have ordered from will also receive your order.  No further action is necessary.

You can continually make changes to your order within the app until you submit it. Once your order has been placed it cannot be delayed, changed, or canceled.

You can pick up your online order at the drink pick up area in the shop. Just let the barista know you are there to pick up your online order.

With our new app and update Loyalty Reward features, entering your Rewards information at checkout is now contactless! To earn points from purchase at our café or drive-thru locations, you must either order ahead or scan your Loyalty Card barcode at checkout. View the instructions above to find individual Reward barcodes to get cash off your order or donate to our Loyalty Rewards Featured Non-Profit.

We are able to link your order to our Rewards profile with your loyalty rewards phone number.

There is a way to do this using a computer, printer and your rewards phone number. First, confirm that your new app/loyalty account is up and running. If you run into any issues, fill out this form here. After your account is set up, you are able to ask a barista to enter your rewards phone number when you order at our cafés or drive-thrus. To redeem any rewards in a café without using the smartphone app, you can  print out the one-time barcode for the desired reward and bring it to the café to apply the reward to your order. Or you can order ahead online and apply the reward on the desktop app before you checkout. View our desktop ordering instructions above.

Any points that are earned with an in-store or app purchase will show in your account after one day. Points that are used will be shown in your account immediately.

Our Loyalty Rewards system and our online store at are not connected. You will not be able to earn points for items purchased at If you wish to participate in our Loyalty Program, please see the instructions above to create an account.

We’d love to hear what you think of the app and the online ordering experience! Simply email, and we will incorporate your feedback as we are able.

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