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Menu items may vary per location.

VG – Vegetarian | Vegan | GF – Gluten-Free Ingredients | KF – Keto Friendly | PF – Paleo Friendly

  • breakfast burritos

  • Spicy Sausage & Cheese | $7.45
    Spicy sausage, cheddar cheese with adobo peppers, scrambled eggs, flame-roasted red peppers, and onions in a flour tortilla. 

    Black Bean & Egg | $7.45
    Scrambled eggs, cheddar, and black beans cooked with poblano and roasted red peppers wrapped in a flour tortilla with house salsa. VG

    Spinach Bacon & Egg | 7.45
    Scrambled eggs, bacon, spinach, sautéed onions, mozzarella, Parmesan, and provolone cheese in a flour tortilla.

    Vegan Black Bean & Sweet Potato | 7.45
    Sweet potatoes, black beans cooked with roasted red and poblano peppers with a vegan cheese sauce and chorizo spiced tofu. Vegan, (contains coconut milk)

  • Breakfast sandwiches

  • NEW! Cheddar Dill Breakfast Bagel | $7.45
    Egg, dill spread, and cheddar cheese served on a cheddar herb bagel. VG 
    *Best paired with sliced bacon +1.25.

    NEW! Southwest English Muffin | $7.45
    English muffin topped with an egg, pepper jack cheese, peppers, red onion and chipotle spread. *Best paired with sausage patty +1.25.

  • Add a Breakfast Side

  • Seasonal Fruit | +3.25
    Bacon (2 slices)   |  +2.00
    Sausage Patty   |  +2.00

  • breakfast cups

  • NEW! Veggie Egg Cup | $5.55
    Red pepper, onion, poblano peppers,  cheddar cheese and seasoning. VG, GF

    Cranberry Almond Oatmeal Cup | 4.50
    7 grain cereal with flaxseed, oats, cranberries,almonds, sunflower seeds, and brown sugar. Vegan, Contains nuts

    Cherry Trails Energy Bites | 5.15
    Bites of peanut butter, flaxseed, dried cherries and cranberries, rolled oats, local maple syrup, and vanilla. (Four bites / per cup). Vegan, Contains nuts

    Dried Cherry Granola & Yogurt Parfait | 5.00
    Dried cherry granola with coconut, pepitas, cinnamon and low fat vanilla yogurt. Contains coconut

  • entreés (served warm)

  • Spinach Feta Turnover | 7.60
    Spinach, onions, and garlic with feta and ricotta cheese in a flaky pastry crust.  VG

  • sandwiches with sides 10.75

  • NEW! Turkey Cilantro Crema Sandwich | Served Cold
    Oven-roasted white meat turkey, provolone cheese, cilantro crema, and spinach on a Schiacciata bun.

    Sautéed Vegetable Grilled Cheese | Served Hot
    Sautéed roasted onion, zucchini, red peppers, garlic herb cream cheese, provolone cheese on Victorian Bakery Sourdough bread. VG

    Grilled Cheese | 9.30 Served Hot
    Victorian Bakery Sourdough bread with gooey cheddar and provolone cheese. VG

    Bourbon Onion and Bacon Melt | Served Hot
    Bourbon-glazed red onions, diced bacon, cheddar cheese on Victorian Bakery Sourdough bread.

    NEW! Pastrami Rueben Sandwich | 11.25 Served Hot
    Beef pastrami, loaded with Russian dressing, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut on Victorian Bakery rye.

    Sweet Potato Quinoa | Great Lakes Potato Chips | Chicken Pecan +$2 | Seasonal Fruit Cup +$2 | Daily Soup +$2

  • Market eats (By the half pound)

  • NEW! Sweet Potato Quinoa | 6.95/half pound
    Oven-roasted sweet potatoes, quinoa, red cabbage and red pepper tossed in a house made vinaigrette dressing  Vegan, GF

    Chicken Pecan Salad | 6.95/ half pound
    Juicy chicken, crunchy celery, green onion, grapes, tossed in a poppyseed dressing. GF

    Fresh Fruit Cup - Seasonal mix. Vegan, GF | 4.50
    Great Lakes Potato Chips -
    Flavors vary. | 2.25
    Skin on kettle chips made in Traverse City, MI.

  • bakery

  • NEW! Chocolate Zucchini Mini Coffee Cake | 4.70
    Rich chocolate zucchini bread with a chocolate cinnamon drizzle.

    NEW! Pumpkin Cream Cheese Swirl Bread | 4.15
    Pumpkin spiced sweet bread with a cream cheeseswirl and topped with vanilla icing.

    Morning Bun WSCJ Favorite | 5.05
    Buttery pastry covered in cinnamon sugar, baked to perfection, creating a light flaky pull apart treat.

    Muffins -  Blueberry Streusel | 4.15

    Scones -
    Maple Pecan | Mixed Berry | 4.15

    Bagel- With plain or herbed cream cheese. | 3.99

  • dessert bars & Crumbles

  • NEW! Snickerdoodle Cupcake | 4.95
    Cinnamon-sugar swirled vanilla cupcake topped with creamy cinnamon buttercream and a snickerdoodle cookie.

    NEW! Apple Pecan Bar | 4.70
    Apples tossed in spice and baked upon a shortbread crust, topped with toasted pecans and a sweet maple drizzle. Contains nuts

    NEW! Cherry Mocha Brownie | 5.15
    WSCJ espresso baked into a delicious brownie, sweet cherry cream cheese layer, and topped with ganache.

    Chocolate Walnut Oat Bar | 4.45
    A layer of chocolate nut fudge baked in an oatmeal cookie crust. GF, Contains nuts

    Incredible Bar | 4.45
    Layer of creamy natural peanut butter, graham cracker crumbs, and sugar. Covered with melted dark chocolate and white chocolate swirls. Contains nuts

  • cookies

  • NEW! Vanilla Chai Cookie | 3.05
    Soft chai spiced cookie topped with vanilla bean buttercream frosting.

    Almond Cornmeal Biscotti | 3.30
    Classic Italian cookie companion to an espresso drink. Contains nuts

    Chocolate Chunk with Sea Salt | 3.05

  • Ice Cream & Sorbet

  • House-made ice cream and sorbet, served by the scoop in a cup, sugar cone, or house-made waffle cone.

    Ice Cream
    Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter
    Fresh Mint & Chocolate
    Madagascar Vanilla
    Salted Caramel
    Water Street Coffee
    Pumpkin Spice

    Salted Lime

    *Scooped ice creams and sorbets available only at our Harrison St. location.

  • brewed coffee

  • Locally Roasted by us in Downtown Kalamazoo.

    Brewed Coffee | Your choice of freshly brewed coffee.

    Coffee w/a Shot | Your choice of brewed coffee with a freshly brewed shot of espresso

    Café au Lait | Your choice of brewed coffee mixed with steamed milk, and topped with a dollop of milk froth.

    Chocolate au Lait | Your choice of brewed coffee mixed with steamed chocolate milk and topped with a dollop of chocolate milk froth.

    Dolce de Leche | House-made caramel sauce mixed together with our brewed coffee and steamed milk. Topped with whip cream and caramel drizzle.

    Ten Minute Pot | Serves a group TO GO - comes with cream, sugars, and cups. 96oz.

  • espresso

  • Choose House Espresso or Single Origin Espresso. Served HOT or ICED.

    Nutmeg Dirty Chai | A shot of espresso topped with your choice of house-made spicy or sweet chai concentrate steamed together with our new nutmeg syrup!

    Pumpkin Spice Latte | House-made Pumpkin Spice Syrup with espresso shot(s) topped with textured milk and a dollop of textured milk froth.

    Espresso | Strong coffee brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans. Your choice of either 1, 2, 3 or 4 shots.

    Americano | Espresso shots topped with hot water.

    Cappuccino | An Italian style coffee drink consisting of espresso shot(s) with a touch of textured milk and topped off with textured milk froth.

    Latte | Espresso shot(s) topped with textured milk and a dollop of textured milk froth.

    Mocha | Espresso shot(s) and steamed chocolate milk topped with whipped cream and a drizzle of our house-made chocolate syrup.

    White Chocolate Mocha | Espresso shot(s), white chocolate flavoring mixed together with steamed milk and topped with whipped cream.

    Sleeping Bear Mocha | This rich mocha consists of espresso shots mixed in with variety of dark chocolates with a touch of cinnamon that we melt into milk. Topped with whip cream. Served Hot.

    Mocha Del Sol | this rich mocha consists of espresso shots mixed in with variety of dark chocolates with a touch of pepper that we melt into milk. Topped with whip cream. Served Hot.

    Affogato | espresso poured over Madagascar Vanilla Ice Cream.

  • hot drinks

  • Hot Tea (see Tea Menu)

    Tea Latte (see Tea Menu) Your choice of tea steeped in 16oz of steamed milk.

    Sweet Chai Latte | (Sweet or Spicy)Your choice of house-made spicy or sweet chai concentrate. We brew up some masala chai, and add in some house vanilla syrup, then steam it together with milk. We love our chai with vanilla but select another flavor (or 2!) if you'd like! Sugar-free is also available! Vegan too!

    Matcha Latte | Get the energy boost you need without the crash! A perfect blend of matcha tea and textured milk with a touch of sugar.

    Steamed Milk | Your choice of one or two syrup flavors mixed together with steamed milk.

    Hot Chocolate | Steamed chocolate milk topped with whipped cream.

    Hot White Chocolate | Steamed milk with white chocolate flavoring topped with whipped cream.

    Sleeping Bear Chocolate | A variety of dark chocolates with a touch of cinnamon melted into milk. Topped with whip cream. Served Hot.

    Cocoa Del Sol | A variety of dark chocolates with a touch of pepper melted into milk. Topped with whip cream. Served Hot.

    Hot Apple Cider & more! (Seasonal)

  • cold drinks

  • Iced Coffee
    Iced Dolce de Leche
    Iced Coffee with a Bang!
     - Cold Brew -

    French Soda | 
    Your choice of 1 or 2 flavors mixed with soda water and heavy cream.

    Italian Soda | Your choice of 1 or 2 flavors mixed together with soda water.

    Orange or Cranberry Fizz | Juice and soda water

    Iced Tea-Classic Citrus
    Colas & Sparkling Waters
    Bottled Sodas
    Energy Drink
    Cold-Pressed Juice -15.2 oz. (Varies)
    Well-Being Shot - 2 oz. (Varies)
    Orange or Cranberry Juice

  • ice queens

  • Wicked good. Blended frappé drink with espresso.

    Pumpkin Spice Queen Ice Queen
    White Chocolate Ice Queen
    Dark Chocolate Ice Queen
    Peppermint Mocha Ice Queen
    *Our Espresso Drinks are also available iced!

  • smoothies

  • Our Smoothies are made with real fruit or Water St. House-made Sorbet.

    Strawberry Banana
    Cranberry Mango
    Raspberry Orange
    Berry Zinger
    Orange Freeze
    Honey Tea
    Mint Tea

  • shakes

  • Choose Milk, Espresso, Chai, or Matcha with one of these flavors:

    Our Shakes are made with Water St. House-made Ice Cream.
    Madagascar Vanilla
    Dark Chocolate
    Chocolate Mint
    Vanilla Chocolate Chunk

  • extras

  • A little more of something delicious never hurts!

    Water St. Handmade Syrups - ask for current flavors
    1/2 Flavor
    Extra Espresso Shot
    Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Oat Milk
    Whipped Cream
    Dolce Sauce and Whipped Cream
    Coffee Ice Cubes

  • Beer, wine and cider

  • Only available at our Downtown café.

    Bell's Two Hearted
    Bell's Oberon
    Old Nation's M43
    Vander Mill Totally Roasted Cider
    Press Pomegranate Ginger Hard Seltzer
    Pol Clement Champagne - great in a mimosa
    Tangent Sauvignon Blanc
    House Sparkling Rose
    Bread and Butter Pinot Noir

  • black

  • Classic Citrus

    Bold bergamot citrus plays off robust, full-bodied black tea. Ideal over ice, this warm weather favorite is amazing with a twist of lemon.

    Earl Grey

    Choice black tea leaves from the Yunnan province of China are infused with fine Italian bergamot citrus oil from the first harvest. A classic tea blend that is rich in flavor. Perfect on its own, although the bergamot shines through even with the addition of milk and honey.

    English Breakfast
    Robust and flavorful when steeped dark. A mellow, drinkable version is also available to tea lovers with the addition of milk and a touch of raw sugar.  There’s no wrong way to prepare this tea, which pairs perfectly with a freshly baked scone. 

    Masala Chai
    A traditional, robust, and aromatic chai with the finest spices and rich, black tea. Also contains cinnamon, cardamom, ginger root, black pepper, and cloves. Steep strong. Serve with hot milk or cream.

  • green

  • Jasmine

    Jasmine flowers are harvested early in the morning when the fragrant buds are still closed.  Once opened the flowers are added to the green tea. The tea takes over 4 hours to absorb the fragrance and is often stored overnight. This process may be repeated up to 7 times.


    To enhance amino acids and chlorophyll, which gives Matcha its trademark emerald hue, leaves are shaded for a month before harvest. Once picked and dried, the leaves are stone ground into a fine powder. The powder is then whisked into water or milk to create a latte, which is often sweetened to achieve optimal balance.

  • white

  • Peach Blossom

    Delight in this lyrical blend of white tea with essential oils of orange and tangerine. Bountiful fruit flavors of sun-kissed quince and peach complement this well-balanced tea.

  • herbal

  • Blueberry Hibiscus 

    Rooibos, Afrikaans for “Red Bush,” grows native in South Africa. This herb is nutty, and when blended with blueberries, hibiscus and schizandra berries, the bright red infusion is equally tart and sweet. 

    Cinnamon Plum

    Fruit goes to the dark side in this succulent infusion. Juicy plums abound. Saigon cinnamon and currants warm this full-bodied brew. 

    Lavender Mint

    This tranquil cup introduces calming lavender, sweet peppermint and clarifying sage. Both floral and herbaceous, this infusion is the perfect before-bedtime brew.

    Turmeric Ginger

    Vibrant golden turmeric root is complemented by aromatic ginger. Rounding out this flavorful blend are lemongrass, citrus peel and licorice root.  Add a touch of honey or a splash of oat milk to sweeten this grounding, healthful herbal blend.

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