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New Tea Sachets

New Tea Sachets

New Packaging, Same Tea

Introducing our new retail Tea Sachets! For years, we have been serving quality, loose-leaf tea from our friends at Rishi and selling the tea with a separate tea filter or tea pot for your enjoyment. With the new Tea Sachets, you will continue to receive the same benefits and taste of loose-leaf tea, all packaged into pre-portioned, biodegradable tea bags.

New Tea Sachet Box

Each box comes with 15 pre-portioned sachets of loose-leaf tea.

Convenient Packaging

Individually packaged in large, pyramid-shaped tea bags for optimal extraction.

Same Loose-Leaf Tea

Tea sachets contain just the right amount of loose-leaf tea for a standard 8 oz. cup.

New Tea Flavors

With the recent transition to offering retail Tea Sachets, we were able to taste many wonderful new tea varieties. As a result, we have added two new flavors, Tumeric Ginger, and Lavender Mint. Plus, you can now purchase our Matcha green tea to enjoy at home!

HERBAL Turmeric Ginger
Vibrant golden turmeric root is complemented by aromatic ginger. Rounding out this flavorful blend are lemongrass, citrus peel and licorice root. Add a touch of honey or a splash of oat milk to sweeten this grounding, healthful herbal blend.
HERBAL Lavender Mint
This tranquil cup introduces calming lavender, sweet peppermint and clarifying sage. Both floral and herbaceous, this infusion is the perfect before-bedtime brew.
GREEN Matcha
To enhance amino acids and chlorophyll, which gives Matcha its trademark emerald hue, leaves are shaded for a month before harvest. Once picked and dried, the leaves are stone ground into a fine powder. The powder is then whisked into water or milk to create a latte, which is often sweetened to achieve optimal balance.

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Are these tea bags safe?

We’re glad you asked! Not all tea packaging is created equal!
  1. These tea bags are made from a plant-based material called polylactic acid (or PLA for short).
  2. Unlike some nylon or polyester tea bags, the PLA tea bag used for packaging is NOT derived from petroleum and will not leak harmful plasticizers into your brew! It is hypoallergenic and allergen free.
  3. There are no staples or glue. The cotton string and paper tag are attached using ultrasonic+ high-heat vibrational energy.
  4. Safe for the earth too -- the tea bags are biodegradable!

Dine-In Tea

The recent changes to retail Tea Sachets do not affect our dine-in tea services. You will still able to enjoy a pot of tea by yourself or with a friend while dining at our Water Street Cafés. To view our new tea menu, click here.

Learn more about tea

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