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A “Recipe” for Community Giving

A “Recipe” for Community Giving

For over 20 years, Water Street Coffee has been home to a very delicious and popular sweet treat -- our handmade Incredible Bars! They are wonderful, natural peanut butter and graham cracker bars, covered with melted dark chocolate and a white chocolate drizzle.

Rich in History

You may not know that the Incredible Bar is not only a Water Street recipe, but a family recipe. Throughout the years, you have enjoyed the exact recipe from Jan Smutek—the mother of Water Street Coffee owner, Mark. As a mother of three, Jan had an arsenal of family-favorite recipes. The Incredible Bar was just too good not to share! So, with her blessing, it became one of Water Street Coffee's very first dessert offerings.

Spreading Incredible Bar Chocolate Drizzling White Chocolate on Incredible Bars

An Incredible Treat Reimagined

Recently, our team came together to develop a new and fun way to enjoy this beloved snack. With convenience and snacking at home in mind, INCREDIBLE BAR MINIS were born! This 8 oz. jar contains yummy, frozen, bit-sized versions of the treat you know and love.

Did you say frozen? Yes! We have consumed many, MANY Incredible Bars over the years and couldn't get over how delicious they are frozen! The best part is, with their resealable jar, you can have one or two individual bites, twist the lid back on and enjoy the rest later. Of course, you are welcome to thaw them in the fridge and snack on them chilled. Just keep in mind the shelf life decreases and you will have to eat them sooner.

Supporting New Families

Jan Smutek Holding Baby

Mark's mother, Jan, was not only the reason we have this longstanding Water Street treat, she is also the inspiration for our newest giving endeavor. Jan spent many years volunteering at a local Detroit children's hospital in the pediatric unit. In her honor, Water Street Coffee is donating 1% of our Incredible Bar Mini sales to the Bronson Hospital Mother/Baby Unit.

That's right! When you purchase our Incredible Bar Minis you are helping to give towards this cause. Do you know someone who loves a good chocolate, peanut buttery treat? Buy an extra container to give to them! Or buy some extra containers for yourself.


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