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Seven Seeds Brew Pack

Seven Seeds Brew Pack

Coffee is said to have spread around the world from seven fertile coffee seeds smuggled out of Yemen in the 17th century. Our Seven Seeds brew pack embodies and honors this act. Now you can share coffee with those close to you, whether camping, travelling, given as a wedding favor, or even as a holiday gift.

A great coffee solution for the office, home, or restaurant. Just about anywhere a full pot of coffee gets brewed is a great place to use Water Street Coffee Brew Packs. Brew Packs are pre-measured for an ideal pot of coffee, so every pot you brew will taste as good as the last.

Each case contains 24 individual Brew Packs, and each 2.5 ounce Brew Pack brews a full 10 to 12 cup pot of coffee. Simple, convenient, and easy to use!

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