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Mountain Water Decaffeinated French Roast

malty, smoky, toasty, smooth, approachable

From  $18.90

Mountain Water Decaffeinated Espresso

malty, smoky, toasty, smooth, approachable

From  $18.90

Mountain Water Decaffeinated Colombia

savory, smooth, smoky finish, well-balanced

From  $18.90

Mocha Java

nutty, chocolate, fruity, spicy, playful acidity

From  $19.20

Midnight Oil

deep, dark, hearty, strong, smoky, uncompromising

From  $15.90

Italian Roast

heavy, rich, bold, smooth body

From  $15.90

Iced Coffee with a BANG!

bright, creamy, dark chocolate, balanced


House Espresso

smooth, rounded, smoky, balanced

From  $17.50

Harvest Blend

smoky, roasted malt, rich, creamy, dark chocolate

From  $17.00

Half Caffeinated French Roast

raisins, milk chocolate, cedar, medium acidity

From  $18.20


aromatic, balanced, toasted nuts, caramel

From  $17.20

Fair Trade Mexico

caramel, nutty, tangy acidity

From  $17.60

Fair Trade French Roast

rich, full, sweet, smoky

From  $17.60

Ethiopia Washed GERA Estate

sugar plum, lavender, sparkling acidity

From  $22.40

Aroma Borealis

warming, rich, sweet, spicy

From  $21.40

Turmeric Ginger Sachets

Herbal Infusion - spicy, balanced, cleansing


Matcha Sticks

Green Tea - grassy, energizing, umami


Masala Chai Sachets

Black Tea - spicy, robust, rich


Jasmine Sachets

Green Tea - supple, floral, verdant


English Breakfast Sachets

Black Tea - fragrant, mellow, full-bodied


Earl Grey Sachets

Black Tea - robust, citrus, floral


Blueberry Hibiscus Sachets

Herbal Infusion - sweet, balanced, berry


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