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Fair Trade Colombia Narino

Fair Trade Colombia Narino

This lot comes to us from the association of FUDAM, which is a group of about 300 smallholders with a shared vision of sustainable agriculture and environmental protection. FUDAM is located within and around La Union, a municipality of the Narino region of Colombia. Narino is Colombia’s southernmost growing region, with Ecuador to the south and the Cauca region of Colombia to the north. While each of Colombia’s growing regions is distinct from one another, Narino is known for producing supersweet coffees with sparkling acidity.

Look for a honey-like sweetness in the cup with notes of mellow tropical fruit and cocoa coupled with the tart acidity of pink lady apples.

Aroma: honeycomb, tropical fruit
Flavor: nectarine, cocoa, pink lady apple
Acidity: sweet-tart, apple
Body: juicy, crisp

Regional Info

Country: Colombia
Altitude: 1500-2200 masl
Varietals: Castillo, Colombia
Harvest: May - September
Production Method: Washed

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