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Colombia Don Enrique Reserve

Colombia Don Enrique Reserve

This Regional Blend was created in honor of Don Enrique Vasquez, a patriarch of our importer’s coffee partners in Colombia. Our importer, Hacienda La Minita, supervises the milling production of this coffee from start to finish, which allows them to prepare it to their exact standards while preserving all the qualities that make coffee from the Narino region unique. The end result is a coffee with wonderful acidity, silky body, and complex cocoa and cherry flavors with a long, sweet finish.

Aroma: chocolate cherries
Flavor: sweet, cocoa, cherry, amaretto
Acidity: bright, lingering
Body: creamy, silky

Regional Info

Country: Colombia
Altitude: 1600 - 220 MASL
Varietals: Typica, Caturra, Bourbon
Harvest: May - July
Production Method: Washed

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