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Jasmine Sachets

Green Tea - supple, floral, verdant


Snake & Cup Canvas Tote

Handy canvas tote.


Grayling Handmade Coffee Cup

12 oz stackable microwave and dishwasher safe mug.


Turmeric Ginger Sachets

Herbal Infusion - spicy, balanced, cleansing


Stainless Steel Tumbler 8 oz

Double-walled multi-colored stemless tumblers.


Stainless Steel Straw w/ Cleaning Brush

Reusable straws are ideal for cold drinks!


Stainless Steel Straw (2 Pack)

Reusable straws are ideal for cold drinks!


Matcha Whisk

Whisk matcha like a pro!


Matcha Sticks

Green Tea - grassy, energizing, umami


Logo Pint Glass

Perfect for any home!

From  $10.30

Logo Camp Mug - 12 oz

This 12 oz mug wants you to go camping!


Lavender Mint Sachets

Herbal Infusion - sweet, restorative, soothing


Kids Grass T-shirt

Kid-friendly, complete with Water Street Coffee Joint Sunburst Logo on the front.


Half Caffeinated French Roast

raisins, milk chocolate, cedar, medium acidity

From  $17.30

Fancy Porcelain Enameled Steel Sign

Show your Water Street pride!


English Breakfast Sachets

Black Tea - fragrant, mellow, full-bodied


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