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Midnight Oil

deep, dark, hearty, strong, smoky, uncompromising

From  $15.90
Gift  card with coffee cherries flowers and sunburst

In-Store Gift Card

In store use only, good for coffee, food, drinks or merchandise at all cafés. The perfect gift!

From  $5.00

West Coast Breakfast Blend

sweet, invigorating, smooth, warming, nutty

From  $18.30

Sumatra Mandheling

smooth, earthy, malty, smoky, rich

From  $20.10

Mocha Java

nutty, chocolate, fruity, spicy, playful acidity

From  $19.20

Harvest Blend

smoky, roasted malt, rich, creamy, dark chocolate

From  $17.00

Aroma Borealis

warming, rich, sweet, spicy

From  $21.40

House Espresso

smooth, rounded, smoky, balanced

From  $17.50

Fair Trade French Roast

rich, full, sweet, smoky

From  $17.60

Mountain Water Decaffeinated Colombia

savory, smooth, smoky finish, well-balanced

From  $18.90


aromatic, balanced, toasted nuts, caramel

From  $17.20

Italian Roast

heavy, rich, bold, smooth body

From  $15.90

Fair Trade Mexico

caramel, nutty, tangy acidity

From  $17.60

Mountain Water Decaffeinated French Roast

malty, smoky, toasty, smooth, approachable

From  $18.90

Seven Seeds

warming, mouth-watering, rich, sweet, spicy

From  $17.50

Traveler's Way

smooth, rounded, smoky, balanced

From  $17.50

Ethiopia Washed GERA Estate

sugar plum, lavender, sparkling acidity

From  $22.40

Iced Coffee with a BANG!

bright, creamy, dark chocolate, balanced


Anniversary Blend

balanced | nectarine | milk chocolate


Coffee Lover - Gift Bundle

Perfect for the coffee lover in your life!


Half Caffeinated French Roast

raisins, milk chocolate, cedar, medium acidity

From  $18.20

Sumatra Suku Batak - Fresh Crop

butterscotch | peat moss | passionfruit



Turn your favorite mugs into travel mugs with this virtually spill proof lid.


Yemen Mahal Aqeequl Drying Station

Intoxicating fruit and wine characteristics, both layered and complex.


Mountain Water Decaffeinated Espresso

malty, smoky, toasty, smooth, approachable

From  $18.90

Costa Rica El Indio Single Origin Espresso

balanced | buttery | pecan


Denim Snake & Cup Short Sleeve T-shirt

Show off your Water Street Coffee pride with this short sleeve t-shirt.


Masala Chai Sachets

Black Tea - spicy, robust, rich


Ethiopia Natural Ardi

tropical fruit, dark chocolate, red wine


Black Original Short Sleeve T-shirt

Show off your Water Street Coffee pride with this colorful logo short sleeve t-shirt.


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