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WSCJ Oakland Refresh | Behind the Scenes Look

WSCJ Oakland Refresh | Behind the Scenes Look

We are excited to announce the WSCJ Oakland Refresh, a front- and back-of-house redesign to keep our café vibrant, fresh and help improve the customer experience.

Your friendly neighborhood coffee shop will have a brand new look while embracing the classic aesthetic that we have all come to know and love. For example, we will be incorporating the same inspiration from the 1940’s Bryant Paper Mill architectural drawing and blueprint designs. That’s right! New design elements will marry with nostalgia, making you feel right at home but with a multitude of improvements.

In addition to a new front bar, tiling, light fixtures and a fresh coat of paint, we will have an entirely new café layout! These updates will significantly increase and improve the customer experience. Our new design will feature two registers instead of one, helping our fans place their order quickly, leaving more time to enjoy the Oakland environment or to get to their next destination. Our dish sinks will also be relocated to the back of the house, preventing unwanted clanging and banging so our customers can enjoy a relaxing experience.

The WSCJ Oakland Renovation starts January 25, 2016. During the estimated 6 week construction period, access to the Oakland shop will not be available, but don’t worry! We will be serving customers freshly brewed coffee, espresso drinks and a limited food menu from our Water Street Coffee Joint food truck! Our chef, Derek Dodd, has several tentative menu items available.

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