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Water Street Coffee Fresh Crop

Water Street Coffee Fresh Crop

Have you seen the coffee bags with the signature green label? These special bags represent our current Fresh Crop coffee offerings. With a limited availability and some truly brilliant characteristics, these coffees are incredibly special and we thought you ought to know!


Our Fresh Crop coffees are beans that our Roastmaster purchases in small amounts throughout the year. Typically, these coffees are special or unique in what they offer; either distinct in flavor and processing or award-winning coffees. So they can be more expensive. But that’s okay, because you won’t find coffees like these just anywhere.

Another important feature to remember about Fresh Crop is that they are limited in quantity so when they are gone, they’re gone! But don’t let that discourage you. Our Roastmaster is always working to sample, roast, and cup the most sought after and interesting coffees he can find. When one is gone, another unique bean is getting ready to make its debut so keep an eye out.


As we mentioned before, these coffees can be a little more expensive and a lot harder to come by than our typical Water Street staples but to us those details are absolutely worth being able to provide a premium, specialty coffee experience.

The Fresh Crop program also allows us the opportunity to educate our customers regularly about what we’re doing in the industry as well as providing a chance to support smaller, specialty farms right at their origin. For a look at one of our Fresh Crop suppliers, take a moment to check out Café Imports.


These coffees will change regularly based on what is available for that season and how quickly we sell out of them. However, we always have two to three Fresh Crop choices and have had as many as six at one time. To discover what is currently available you can check in at one of our shops or go online.

If you are visiting the shops look for the special green label bags on the coffee shelves. Each Fresh Crop will be sorted into it’s appropriate region of origin and the green label will provide tasting notes, brewing recommendations, and even more information about the particular region or farm that the coffee came from to help you decide on the perfect coffee for you. If you are looking for a recommendation or not sure how a Fresh Crop might compare to your other favorite brews, just ask one of our knowledgeable baristas!

Prefer to shop online? Just like in the café each of these coffees are sorted into their region of origin section so you can either shop through the sections and read more about any coffee that is labeled “Fresh Crop” or choose a region you already love to see if we are currently carrying a Fresh Crop from that area. And just like the labels in the shop, each coffee’s individual page provides tasting notes, brewing recommendations, and origin information so that you can compare it to other coffees and learn everything you need to choose the right coffee for you!

Our Roastmaster is always ordering, roasting test batches, and tasting in pursuit of the next amazing Fresh Crop offering so it’s important to check back regularly.

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