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Loyalty Rewards Support YWCA Kalamazoo

Loyalty Rewards Support YWCA Kalamazoo

Give back with every sip!

When you sign up for Water Street’s Loyalty Rewards, you earn three reward points for every dollar you spend at any of our café locations. These points can be redeemed for discounts, OR you can choose to donate a portion directly to our Featured Non-Profit. From April through June 2020, you helped raise $452 for YWCA Kalamazoo.

YWCA Kalamazoo is a nonprofit association affiliated with YWCA USA. Founded in 1885 to provide a safe residence for young working women, the organization is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

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In the past years, through its focus on the mission of eliminating racism and empowering women, the YWCA has addressed disparities in our community through evidence-based and holistic programming.

Through direct service, outreach, and community education, the YWCA reaches over 7,500 women, children and families each year. In addition, the YWCA focuses on 1) providing services for victim of abuse (domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking), 2) providing high quality childcare for families, 3) advocating for race and gender equity through system change and 4) promoting maternal and child health to improve birth outcomes.

Water Street Coffee Cup Stickers YWCA Building Signage

During the month of April, Water Street is participating in YWCA’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This month, we will help to spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, the “A Cup of Prevention” cup stickers. Water Street is proud to be an active part of helping to build more insight and conversation about many important issues and the related services available at the YWCA Kalamazoo.

Water Street is proud to support YWCA Kalamazoo and hopes you can help us in this effort.

Two Ways to Give

1) Donate your Loyalty Reward Points at a Water Street Café either in-person at a Drive-Thru or our mobile order app.
2) You can also donate directly to YWCA Kalamazoo on their website here:

Supporting Non-Profits throughout Kalamazoo county

Water Street’s Loyalty Rewards program began in 2018 and features a new non-profit each quarter. With the help of our customers, we've been able to support the important work being done in our community by the following non-profit organizations:

Check out our Giving page to learn how your organization can apply to be considered as our next Loyalty Rewards Featured Non-Profit.

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