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Introducing Water Street’s New Loyalty Rewards Program

Introducing Water Street’s New Loyalty Rewards Program

Through our 25+ years serving the Kalamazoo and Portage communities, Water Street has been searching for the perfect loyalty program that would be the right fit for our customers. We wanted to set up rewards that would not only allow our loyal customers to save money, but would also provide an easy way for us all to give back to our community. We are excited to announce a brand new loyalty program that will do both!


Now, with every dollar you spend at Water Street, you earn 3 rewards points. These points can then be redeemed for discounts, OR you can choose to donate directly to a local non-profit. You can choose to redeem points as soon as you reach your first reward, or choose to accumulate them to save even more. Thinking of taking your office out to lunch, or eyeing that beautiful Chemex coffeemaker in our retail area? With the new loyalty program, you’ll see your rewards points increase with every dollar spent.


We are proud to feature Bronson Children’s Hospital as our non-profit for 2018.

Bronson Children’s Hospital is the only children’s hospital in the area, caring for more than 4,000 inpatients each year. It is a unique place, with services and an environment designed specifically for young patients. From the whimsical murals that cover the walls, to the child life specialists and art and music therapists who enhance the care for patients and families, the children’s hospital provides more than medical care.

“We know that children and babies require different care than adults,” says Liz Semaan, director of the Bronson Health Foundation. “We have created a place where young patients have access to services for their all-around health – physically, socially, emotionally and psychologically. This would not be possible without the generosity of our community.”

Now is your chance to incorporate this generosity into your daily routine. The points you earn with your morning coffee purchase can translate directly into real help for local children. Water Street is happy to support the amazing work that Bronson Children’s Hospital does.

“Bronson Children’s Hospital is grateful to be the first recipient of Water Street Coffee Joint’s loyalty program,” says Semann. “We are thankful to Water Street and its loyal customers who choose to join us in building a culture of caring around each child.”


Enrolling in the loyalty program is easy!

Want to enroll right now, from your phone or computer? Download the Water Street app, create an account, and you will be automatically enrolled, plus you can take advantage of ordering ahead to #skiptheline! In the app, you can easily see how many points you have, and can redeem them on your order.

Not interested in the app? No problem. On your next visit, you can self enroll at the register or ask your barista to enroll you in the loyalty program. All they will need is your name, phone number, email address, and birthday (optional) to get you signed up. You’ll start to earn points right away with your purchase. Then on your next visit, you can enter your rewards number (your phone number) on the ipad yourself to see your points and choose how and when you’d like to redeem them.

We couldn’t be more excited to start this new program for our customers and our community. Enroll today to start earning points!

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