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Enjoy FRESH Water Street Coffee delivered to your door!

Enjoy FRESH Water Street Coffee delivered to your door!

We’re making it a little easier for you to enjoy fresh Water Street coffee at home with our Coffee Subscription service. No more standing in line at the grocery store for coffee that may have sat in a warehouse somewhere. All of our coffee is roasted in-house, shipped at peak freshness and absolutely delicious. Who knows, you might find your new favorite!

And for our Kalamazoo friends who are snowbirds or who have moved away... we can’t box up the café experience, though we can get you a regular supply of fresh coffee. The only thing missing is the smiling face of our baristas!


Get coffee delivered as often as you want on a schedule that best fits your habits. If you decide you need more or are not keeping up with the regular supply of coffee, you can change your frequency or cancel anytime you want. To get you started, our once a month plan is perfect for the occasional coffee drinker, while every other week works well for the serious coffee fanatic. Do you have an entire household to keep up with? You can even have coffee delivered once a week.


Our subscription can be tailor-made to fit nearly any taste. Choose a recurring order of your favorite roast or mix things up with a variety of different roasts.

Light Roast – Kissed by our roaster to retain the characteristics inherent to its origin. Bright and nuanced.

Medium Roast – Blended or single origin; balanced, smooth and sweet with a pleasant acidity.

Dark Roast – Robust and low in acidity, these rich coffees boast deep chocolate or earthy flavors.

Variety – For the ultimate mixer-upper. Hand-selected and thoughtfully curated coffee choices from our Roast Master.


Not everyone is the same and neither are there brewing styles. Beans are delivered whole or you can choose the grind based on your preferred method of brewing. We offer seven different grind options, so we’re sure we’ll have one for you. Looking to explore a new method of brewing? We have a variety of home brewing supplies available on our website.

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