Steeped Coffee Bags

Just Add Water

Our team has been on the lookout for a quality, single-serve coffee option for quite some time. We were very excited to find that, with Steeped coffee bags, we are still able to provide a quality cup of Water Street Coffee, all in environmentally friendly packaging.

Brewing a cup of Steeped coffee couldn’t be easier—just add water! Follow the steps below, view our coffee offerings and learn more about packaging materials and the process used to keep the coffee fresh!

Step 1 - Add Hot Water
Step 1. Pour

Place the filter in a cup and gradually pour over 8 oz. of hot water per Steeped bag.

Step 2 - Dunk
Step 2. Dunk

Dunk the bag for 15-30 seconds or longer for added strength.

Step 3 - Steep
Step 3. Steep

Leave the Steeped bag in the cup or until the preferred taste. Drink after 5+ minutes.

Steeped Coffee Offerings

Fair Trade French Roast – Box of 10 bags
Our Fair Trade French Roast has a full, creamy body with a smooth, bittersweet flavor and an almost imperceptible acidity.

Mocha Java – Box of 10 bags
This blend is full and juicy, well-balanced and complex with hints of berries, dark chocolate, and spice.

Variety Pack – Box of 10 bags
Five bags of Fair Trade French Roast and five bags of Mocha Java.

Are these coffee bags safe?

We’re glad you asked! Not all single-use packaging is same!

1. Each box uses 100% recycled materials—including a minimum of 85% from a post-consumer waste source or from deinked recycled fiber.
2. The outer bag is made of renewable plant-based materials and is printed with no toxic VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
3. Each Steeped filter is also glue and staple free—utilizing a special ultrasonic sealing technique to fasten the tab and string.
4. The inner filters are also biodegradable, biobased, renewable, and non-GMO.

How does the coffee stay fresh?

Each Steeped pack is nitrogen sealed for freshness—by eliminating the oxygen, no oxidation can occur, which is what makes food go bad.

Visit a Water Street Café to try a free sample for a limited time!