Silverbeet Farm: Local Food Grown with Love

Silverbeet Farm is a micro-farm producing certified naturally grown herbs, vegetables and flowers. This produce provides homes, grocery stores and restaurants – like Water Street Coffee – with the freshest, most flavorful, local ingredients.

How the Farm Started

Silverbeet Farm started out of love – love for gardening, for food, for vegetables, for fresher-than-you’ll-ever-taste heirloom tomatoes. Chanterelle, along with her sister, Sureau, and friend started this beautiful 2-acre farm located in Bangor, Michigan. 

The passion that started Silverbeet Farm started with Chanterelle’s childhood. Chanterelle and Sureau grew up in a vegetarian family that grew and cooked their own food. This family ate farm to table before it was cool! Her love for fresh local food turned her into an avid gardener, which lead her to work on several farms and eventually to attend the Master Gardener Program at MSU Extension for her adult horticultural education.

Today’s Silverbeet Farm

When we caught up with her, Chanterelle pointed out that she enjoys “creating something real and needed for [her] local community.” And “real” takes on a very literal meaning when it comes to Silverbeet Farm’s food. They use organic seeds and no synthetic pesticides to raise their 800+ plants — which includes 23 varieties of tomatoes!

Silverbeet Farm supplies fresh vegetables for the farmer’s families, ingredients to local restaurants, and they also sell their beautiful flowers and vegetables at the Kalamazoo Farmers’ Market. The Kalamazoo community has embraced the Farmers’ Market, all of its vendors and the local food movement. Silverbeet Farm is happy to be a part of that growth.

A Collaboration for Quality Food

Over the years Silverbeet Farm and Water Street Coffee have developed an extremely collaborative relationship. A big contributor to that relationship is their unique connection as several Silverbeet Farm employees work in Water Street Coffee’s kitchen during the winter off-season. Chanterelle says, “this allows for a fantastic level of collaboration and open dialogue. It’s the best part of working together”.

Plus, having the inside scoop on what’s looking most delicious for the upcoming season allows the team at Water Street Coffee to further elevate the Café food offerings, which in the end makes for happier customers. As Tera, head chef at Water Street Coffee put it, “we are grateful to work with a local farm that is as passionate and excited about quality, fresh and local as we are here at Water Street Coffee.”