Organic Masala Chai

spicy | robust | rich

$11.50 | 2.82 oz
Fair Trade Organic Jade Cloud

lively | savory | invigorating

$9.30 | 2.08 oz

supple | floral | verdant

$6.70 | 2.5 oz

Turn your favorite mugs into travel mugs with this virtually spill proof lid.

Baby Grass Onesie

A baby twist on Water Street Coffee's signature logo. Can you spot the difference?

Gift Card

Good for coffee, food, drinks or merchandise at all Café locations. The perfect gift!

Women's Roaster Shield Design-Indigo Short Sleeve T-shirt

Design in silver and orange on soft, slim fit, short-sleeved women's shirt

Original Logo Black Short Sleeve T-shirt

Show off your Water Street Coffee pride with this colorful logo short sleeve t-shirt

Kids Grass T-shirt

Kid-friendly complete with Water Street Coffee Joint Sunburst Logo on the front

Roaster Shield Design - Indigo Short Sleeve T-shirt - Unisex

Design in silver and orange on soft, slim fit, short-sleeved shirt

Women's Roaster Shield Design-Forest Short Sleeve T-shirt

Design in gold and cream on soft, slim fit, short-sleeved women's shirt

T-Shirt - Lapis - Original Logo with Blue Lettering

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Hario V60 Glass Dripper

Make your own slow bar coffee from home with this stylish Hario V60 Glass Dripper.

House Espresso

smooth | rounded | smoky | pleasantly bitter | bright | balanced | expansive | dynamic

$13.90 | 12 oz | whole bean
Italian Roast

heavy | rich | bold | very low acidity | smooth body | full-flavored | dark chocolate

$12.50 | 12 oz | whole bean
Midnight Oil

deep and dark | little to no acidity | hearty | strong | thick | smoky | uncompromising

$12.50 | 12 oz | whole bean