Guatemala Acatenango Las Faldas – Fresh Crop


Traveling to a coffee producing country is referred to as an ‘origin trip’. Since coffee cultivation requires high altitudes and warm weather, travel is necessary to fully understand where our coffees come from. In March of 2019 Water Street owner Mark Smutek traveled to Guatemala to experience and learn firsthand how coffee in Guatemala is grown and processed. Our acquisition of this coffee is a direct result of this excursion. The "Las Faldas" coffee is a regional blend coming from 6 estates of about 40 smallholder producers in the village of Quisaché, Acatenango. Each day during the harvest the producers will deliver their cherry to a collection site located in a small pueblo of Quisaché and then the cherries are transported to Beneficio La Esperanza in Antigua for wet milling. Los Volcanes exporters assists with quality and education in which they hold workshops with groups of producers in the region regarding proper harvesting and renovation techniques, as well as general technical assistance. Learn More about the FRESH CROP Program
caramel, milk chocolate
mild apple, nutty
green apple, malic
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