Costa Rica Honey Finca Angelina – Fresh Crop


Traveling to a coffee producing country is referred to as an “origin trip.” Since coffee cultivation requires high altitudes and warm weather, travel is necessary to fully understand where our coffees come from. In March of 2019 our Roast Master returned to Costa Rica to reconnect and catch up with the Aguilera Brothers and their coffee production from this year’s harvest.

The Aguilera Brothers continue to carry on their family tradition of coffee producing by working together to plant, pick, and process coffee from their five farms high in the mountains of Costa Rica’s West Valley. The addition of a wet mill in 2009 added more control and transparency to their work, and increased coffee quality. The eight brothers and four sisters that make up the Aguilera Brothers are very active in the community; their spirit extending beyond the farms and wet mill. This is Water Street's fourth consecutive year working with the Aguilera Brothers.
nutty, nougat, berry
toasted nuts, floral, nuanced
bright & lively
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