Colombia Manos Juntas Microlot


This micro-lot is from Manos Juntas Micromill in the Sotara area of Cauca, Colombia. Micro-lots are incredibly traceable and focused lots of coffee, often showcasing the attention to detail and quality of a single farm or a small co-op or mill. Farmers who put in the time and hard work to produce these exceptional lots are paid well above what they would receive at market.

On the day of harvest, this coffee is taken to the micromill and placed in large hermetic tanks, where the coffee then undergoes a five day anaerobic fermentation with the cherry still intact. During this time, nitrogen is added to the tanks to stimulate fermentation. Once the coffee reaches the desired ferment, it is then removed and dries with the cherry still intact for another 30-45 days, similar to a natural processed coffee would be. The end result? A coffee that is overwhelmingly fruity, with winey fruit acidity and fresh coffee cherry, berry, and floral flavors.

*Supply is extremely limited. Get it before it's gone!
candied strawberries
watermelon rind, marshmallow, coffee cherry
juicy, complex
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