Sulawesi Toraja “Sapan Minanga” – Single Origin Espresso


This coffee hails from the Torajan tribe of the central mountainous region of the South Sulawesi province. The geography of this region varies greatly from humid low-land areas where rice is grown to towering thousand-foot rock walls shrouded in mist. It is here that the coffee is grown at altitudes of 2000 meters above sea level, some of the highest growing altitudes in all Indonesia. The coffee is produced on small farms, usually not more than 3 acres in size, and is wet-hulled in a process called Giling Basah in the Indoneasian tongue. This process gives the green beans a unique bluish color and lends to the hallmark Indoneasian profile. The result is a full-bodied, flavorful espresso that is reminiscent of campfires with notes of s'mores and hot chocolate and a nice, rounded acidity.
milk chocolate, almond
sweet, hot chocolate, s’mores
creamy, full-bodied
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