Kenya Kagumo Factory AA – Fresh Crop


Kenyan coffee is always a delight to the senses as their general profile is big, intense, flashy, and complex in character. Kenya's unique processing technique, although expensive and resource/labor intensive, produces some of the cleanest coffees in the world. This, in addition to its altitude and varietal selection, is a recipe for some of the best tasting coffees one can experience. This coffee was processed at Kagumo Factory, a wet mill in Kirinyaga County, Kenya. The factory is associated with the Mutira Farmers Cooperative Society, an organization that currently stands at 4,000 members with a collective 477 hectares of land used for coffee cultivation. Kagumo is one of many factories in the area in which the members of Mutira deliver their coffee. Looks for a strong, complex profile, with high acidity and plenty of fruit notes.
tomato, tropical fruit punch
stone fruit, complex, sweet
high, juicy
medium, silky
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