YWCA Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2019

April is here! That means that it is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). Water Street is proud to be an active part of helping to build more insight and conversation about many important issues and the related services available at the YWCA Kalamazoo. We are participating in the YWCA’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) activities again this year. This month, we will help to spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, the “A Cup of Prevention” stickers, and lovely teal ribbons.

“A Cup of Prevention”

For the month of April, we will being donating 1% of all our sales from all five of our locations to the YWCA to support the services they offer. In addition, all of our to go cups will have SAAM “A Cup of Prevention” stickers to spread awareness. This month, share your photos of your Cup of Prevention on social media, and don’t forget to tag Water Street Coffee and YWCA Kalamazoo.


Teal Ribbon Campaign for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Teal Ribbon Campaign

The teal ribbon represents awareness about sexual assault and gives support for its victims/survivors.

The display of the teal ribbons throughout the community communicates a powerful message. It is a statement that says there is no place for sexual assault anywhere in our community, and we stand with the victims/survivors.

Throughout the month, we will have teal ribbons out at all our stores available for free. Come grab yours and show your support today!

YWCA Men’s Breakfast

The YWCA is inviting all the men in our community to their Men’s Breakfast on April 18. Join Kalamazoo’s most influential men for a public health discussion about sexual assault and your role in ending sexual assault in our community. Water Street will providing delicious coffee at this breakfast discussion!

Recap from SAAM 2018

Last year we were inspired by your support and belief in your community! With your help, we raised $2,600 to help maintain and further the efforts of the YWCA’s Sexual Assault services right here in Kalamazoo. We would like to thank everyone for their willingness to spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, the “A Cup of Prevention” stickers, and those lovely teal ribbons that we couldn’t hand out fast enough!

We look forward to seeing how much we can raise again this year! It only takes one person to get a conversation started – we are confident that we have collectively started many!

The YWCA wants everyone to know that while they are always happy with the turnout for all things SAAM in April, they are constantly working for awareness and are there to help. And no, they are not just for women. Every YWCA in the nation is built around the needs of its surrounding community. In Kalamazoo, the YWCA has become an active support for sexual and domestic assault victims regardless of gender or sexual orientation, eliminating racism, and educating our children. Their facilities are secure and private and they provide on-site and off-site resources. Also, they have someone available 24/7 for anyone who needs them. They are there even if it’s just to hear a supportive voice on the other end of a phone.


For more information about the YWCA and their services please visit their website

Questions, comments or concerns? Contact us at media@waterstreetcoffee.com