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Tanzania AB Ichesa Microlot - Fresh Crop

Tanzania AB Ichesa Microlot - Fresh Crop

Tanzania coffee is often synonymous with Peaberry, as Peaberry consists of the majority of coffee from Tanzania available here in the west. Tanzania does not necessarily produce more Peaberry than other countries, as Peaberries are a naturally occurring mutation in the coffee plant where the coffee cherry produces just one small, round bean instead of the normal larger, flatter two. About 5-12% of all coffee grown has this mutation, so why is it so prevalent here in the States? This is due in part to most of the larger sized beans (ie higher grade, AA, AB, and C) being bought by Japan, where bean-size uniformity is highly valued. Peaberries are often all that is left over to western buyers, as they are considered defects due to their small size.

It is a real treat, then, to get our hands on this fully washed microlot selection of AB grade beans sourced from the Ichesa processing station located in South Tanzania. About 180 small scale farmers from the surrounding villages bring their yield here to be blended, sorted, and then separated by quality. Microlots represent the highest scoring lots and highlight the best the region has to offer.

Sweet and savory, look for notes of praline, blood orange, and cocoa.

Aroma: vanilla, almond
Flavor: pomegranate, blood orange, cocoa, black tea
Acidity: stone fruit, balanced
Body: juicy

Regional Info

Country: Tanzania
Altitude: 1600 masl
Harvest: May-September
Production Method: Fully Washed

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