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Fair Trade Rwanda Misozi Kopakaki Coop - Fresh Crop

Fair Trade Rwanda Misozi Kopakaki Coop - Fresh Crop

Grown by over 800 small farmers in the Karongi region of Rwanda near the famed Lake Kivu, this coffee highlights the unique and interesting characteristics inherent to this growing region. A coop within a coop, the Misozu Coop of farmers is part of the Kopakaki Coop of cooperatives, which aids in the final processing and exporting of the coffee.

Look for notes of black tea, molasses, and lemon, as well as ripe tomato acidity and a thick, syrupy body.

Aroma: graham cracker, brown sugar
Flavor: black tea, lemon, molasses, cocoa nibs
Acidity: ripe tomato
Body: thick, syrupy

Regional Info

Country: Rwanda
Altitude: 1525 - 2400 masl
Varietals: Bourbon
Harvest: June - September
Production Method: Fully Washed

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