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Mocha Java Steeped Coffee Bags

Mocha Java Steeped Coffee Bags

Steeped Coffee makes it so you can have specialty coffee, no machine required, coffee anywhere! These individually packaged coffee bags are nitro-sealed, removing the oxygen and stopping the clock on freshly ground beans. Packaging is guilt free, no glue staples or wasted materials, and fully compostable.

Case of 10 individually packaged pre-portioned Steeped coffee bags. Simply place filter in cup and gradually pour over 8 ounces of hot water. Dunk Steeped Bag for 15-30 sec or longer for added strength. Leave the Steeped Bag in the cup for 5+ minutes or until preferred taste.

Mocha Java is the world’s most famous blend of coffee, this ancient Mocha Java recipe combines the light, grape-like acidity and fruitiness of an Ethiopian coffee with the spiciness and sweetness of Indonesian beans. The resulting brew is full and juicy, well-balanced and complex with hints of berries, dark chocolate, and spice.


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