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Ethiopia Washed Guji Buri Bekele

Ethiopia Washed Guji Buri Bekele

This lot comes from a high altitude washing station from producer Biru Bekele in the Oromia region of Guji, where the many smallholder farms in the region bring their harvest, still in the cherries, to be sold by weight. The coffee is then depulped and fermented overnight before being washed and left on raised beds to sun-dry for 8-15 days.

This resulting cup is delicate, interesting, and complex. Look for floral and spice notes on both the nose and the tongue, such as cinnamon, cardamom, and jasmine, as well as stone fruit notes of peach and damson plum.

Aroma: jasmine, cardamom
Flavor: cinnamon, peach, damson plum, hazelnut, lavender
Acidity: wine-like, bright
Body: delicate, white tea

Regional Info

Country: Ethiopia
Altitude: 1750-2050 masl
Varietals: Hierloom
Production Method: Washed

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