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Colombia Cauca Regional Select - Single Origin Espresso

Colombia Cauca Regional Select - Single Origin Espresso

Located in the southwestern portion of Colombia, the region of Cauca is known for producing exceptional coffees with complex and snappy acidity and heightened floral notes. High altitudes, good varieties, cool nights, and purposeful husbandry all contribute to the complexity found in the cup. These lots were selected for their tangy acidity and balanced sweetness, along for their strong cocoa and caramel flavors.

Look for notes of coffee cherry, praline, and toffee in the cup, with a great balance of tangy acidity and creamy, juicy body.

Aroma: coffee cherry, vanilla, almond
Flavor: praline, toffee, apple, floral
Acidity: tangy, sweet-tart
Body: juicy, creamy

Regional Info

Country: Colombia
Altitude: 1200-2000 masl
Varietals: Colombia, Castillo, Caturra
Production Method: Washed

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