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Organic Ethiopia Natural Alaka Hambela – Fresh Crop

Traveling to a coffee producing country is referred to as an ‘origin trip’. Since coffee cultivation requires high altitudes and warm weather, travel is necessary to fully understand where our coffees come from. In December of 2017 Water Street owner Mark Smutek traveled to Ethiopia to experience and learn firsthand how coffee in Ethiopia is grown and processed. Our acquisition of this coffee is a direct result of this excursion. About twice the size of Texas, Ethiopia has a rich, deep history of coffee culture and production, unlike any other coffee-producing country. As the birthplace of coffea arabica, Ethiopia is home to old-growth forests which are home to 40,000 varietals of the coffee plant. These traits of culture, geography, and boundless flora lend to the complex and intriguing flavors one associates with Ethiopian coffee. This coffee was grown on the Hambela coffee estate. The estate is operated by METAD Agricultural Development, a family-owned business. For more, visit our blog.
intricate, raisin
dried cherry, cocoa
tart, bright
smooth, milky
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