Localvore - $54.00

lo·cal·vore- a person whose diet consists only or principally of locally grown or produced food... Or uses these gifts at one of our 5 locations.

Coffee Lover - $27.00

Perfect for the coffee lover in your life!

$27.00 | 12 oz | whole bean
Home Brewer - $55.00

Give the gift of home brewing!

Fancy Porcelain Enameled Steel Signs

Show your Water Street pride!

Water Street Coffee Joint Bumper Sticker

Signature Water Street Coffee sunburst logo

Water Street Coffee Roaster Shield Design Bumper Sticker

Show your Roaster pride with our signature Roaster Shield Design bumper sticker

In Store Gift Card

In store use only, good for coffee, food, drinks or merchandise at all Café locations. The perfect gift!