Geisha Coffee

Direct Trade | Panama Geisha Natural

“God in a Cup.” – Don Hall, professional cupper

Geisha Tin

A fresh cup of our Direct Trade Panama Geisha Natural is a once in a lifetime treat. It’s not surprising that this coffee is hard to come by, with its notes of honeysuckle, lavender and citrus, its lemongrass acidity, jasmine-like aroma and an unparalleled taste. Water Street Coffee is excited to have acquired this coffee through a direct trade partnership with a family farm in Panama called Finca Hartmann. We work directly with the farmers to acquire and purchase the beans instead of going through a third party. Traditions and methods such as sun-dried and honey coffee processes are implemented in the farm.

The Geisha Coffee Plant

Geisha varietal coffees are prized among roasters, particularly when they come from the unique Panama climate. Geisha is a coffee plant varietal native to southwestern Ethiopia, which has only recently entered the limelight of coffee connoisseurs around the globe.

Award Winning

Geisha varietals have dominated the Best of Panama competition for the last decade, fetching prices as high as $350 per pound. Against over a hundred entries in this year’s competition, this Geisha ranked in the Top 16, which is ideal if you want to fetch a high price at auction. Willem Boot, professional coffee consultant, scored the coffee at 98 on the 100-point Specialty Coffee Association of America cup quality.

Coffee Stats

Farm Name: Longboard Specialty Coffees

Farm Size: Three hectacres

Coffee Name: Direct Trade Panama Geisha Natural

Lot#: PA-EN-1

Crop Year: Jan.28-Feb. 15 2015

Variety: Geisha

Process: Natural, Dried on African Beds

Elevation: 1550m

Slope Direction: West

Avg. Temp: 16-23C Day/10-15C Night

Avg. Rainfall: 3500mm

Region: Alto Jaramillo Boquete