Everything You Need to Know About the Extended Customer Care Plan

Choosing and maintaining the right coffee brewing equipment for your business can be a daunting task. When you partner with Water Street Coffee we work hard to make sure you’re always brewing the best cup of coffee possible. To help ensure trouble-free equipment, we offer an Extended Customer Care Plan for all wholesale accounts with complimentary-placed Fetco or Bunn coffee brewers and grinders.

Protection Against Expensive Repairs: What is an Extended Customer Care Plan?

We’ve designed this service plan to give you worry-free service for your brewing equipment without the unexpected costs related to normal maintenance, parts, and service fees. For this optional service plan, you pay a small annual fee. Most mechanical issues are covered at 100%, and any issues with the brewer caused by hard water are at an amazing discount. Our knowledgeable technicians provide service and repairs to all your Water Street Coffee equipment during our business hours at no additional charge to you!

Covered Repairs: Parts and service all in one plan!
Hassle Free: We’ll fix it or we’ll replace it.
We’ll Handle It: Only our fully-trained, specialized technicians will handle the equipment.
Water Filters Included: Water filters is a MUST on coffee brewing equipment.  This plan includes two annual filter changes and installation.
At Your Convenience: Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Cost Savings: This service plan is often cheaper than a single service visit.
Easy Payments: This plan is paid in two installments of $150 with automatic annual renewal.

Extended Customer Care Plan: A Case Study

Let’s talk about one of our wholesale accounts, we will call them ABC Inc. ABC Inc. is a large account with multiple brewing stations. In January,  they called to say one of their brewers was overfilling the coffee pot. Our maintenance technician responded immediately! He was able to make a few adjustments and, within the hour, ABC Inc. was brewing delicious coffee again.

Later that same year,  ABC Inc. had trouble with their brewer tripping a breaker in the main kitchen.  Due to use and age, the machine had a broken heating element; the other two heating elements were working overtime to compensate, and as a result, tripped the electrical breaker.  Our technician replaced all the heating elements but, while performing this repair, he recognized ABC’s grinders needed calibration and cleaning, so this service was performed as well.

In July ABC Inc. called again.  This time their brewer was displaying an error code.  As a first line of defense, we tried to troubleshoot over the phone but were unable to solve the problem so our maintenance technician returned. The diagnosis, a common one for the area,  was limescale buildup from hard water which meant that a delime service was required.  This is an extensive repair requiring the equipment be swapped out so that harsh chemicals can be applied off-site.  ABC Inc. was given a temporary brewer from our inventory and were again able to quickly resume brewing.

As you can see, service and maintenance costs can really start to add up.  To date, ABC Inc. would have paid over $1,300 in service, maintenance, and parts. But since they participated in our Extended Customer Care Plan, they were only billed the annual fee of $300 and paid the discounted de-lime fee of $175 (normally a $500 service).

We don’t want you to think this is typical, because it isn’t—it is expected that well-maintained equipment will go a long time without requiring service. Fetco brewers are amazing machines, but hard water, age of the brewer, and environment can, and will, cause any brewer to act up.  In these instances, maintenance costs can add up quickly and are seldom factored into an annual budget.

How would you like all your coffee equipment maintenance covered over the course of a year? If you would like to learn more about Water Street Coffee’s Extended Customer Care Plan, please contact us.