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Costa Rica Angostura - Single Origin Espresso

Costa Rica Angostura - Single Origin Espresso

This washed coffee comes from the Angostura region of the San Jose Province in Costa Rica. It is a part of a program that highlights a segment of a cooperative or grower’s group that wishes to differentiate itself, whether through a terrior or a process. The coffee is purchased at a small premium to fund social initiatives and to cover the extra costs of production. The lots are semi-traceable to the community itself.

Clean and sweet, this coffee is exceptionally well balanced. Nutty, fruity, and floral, this coffee has it all with notes of walnut, raspberry, cherry blossoms, and cocoa rounded off with a pleasant apple acidity and milky body.

Aroma: vanilla, walnut
Flavor: raspberry, cherry blossom, cocoa, malt
Acidity: apple, rounded
Body: milky, smooth

Regional Info

Country: Costa Rica
Altitude: 1200-1900 masl
Harvest: December-April
Production Method: Washed

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