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Sumatra Suku Batak - Fresh Crop

Sumatra Suku Batak - Fresh Crop

This coffee, grown in the Lintongnihuta region just south of Lake Toba in North Sumatra, is processed in the traditional Sumatra Process, also known as Wet-hulled or Giling Basah. This process is largely responsible for the distinct earthy and herbaceous notes that Sumatran coffee is known for, as the coffee is hulled at significantly higher moisture content (35-50%) than the 10-12% that most other coffees are hulled at. Removing the protective parchment layer so early in the drying process is risky, as the beans are much more susceptible to fluctuations in humidity and other environmental factors. While risky, the rapid drying time of Wet-hulled coffee makes this the only viable way for coffee to be dried in Sumatra, where the damp climate and cloud cover of the region render other methods of processing coffee difficult or inviable for commercial production.

 This coffee is double picked, lending to a consistently clean cup while still retaining the earthy and herbaceous notes that Sumatra coffee is known for. The result is a complex and interesting cup, blending notes of peat moss and thyme with butterscotch and passionfruit.

Aroma: leather | fresh earth | thyme
Flavor: passionfruit | butterscotch | peat moss | milk chocolate
Acidity: mellow
Body: full

Regional Info

Country: Sumatra
Altitude: 900-1400 masl
Varietals: Jember, Ateng, Garundang
Harvest: October-December
Production Method: Wet Hulled

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