Shipping delays may occur, due to COVID-19. Click here for more updates.

Update May 20, 2020: We now have a NEW portal for placing Home Delivery orders. PLACE ORDERS HERE.

These are unusual times. As a small, local business we’re doing our best to adapt to safety precautions as well as to our customer’s needs. To that end, Water Street is going to start offering contact-less home delivery.

How it works

Orders can be placed anytime on Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday for next day delivery. Fill your shopping cart as usual with all your favorite Water Street Coffee Joint goodies. You’ll be prompted for your delivery, payment and contact information. Once paid, you’ll receive an email confirmation. Then, sit back and wait for your Water Street consumables to arrive the next day between 12:00pm and 4:00pm. You’ll receive a text once your delivery is on your porch.


Wait, aren’t we all supposed to stay home?

Yes, we are, but all of the executive orders consider food pick up and food deliveries essential. We’re allowed to bring you food, and we want to!

Of course, our top priority is everyone’s safety and well being. We’re following all recommended protocol for safety. Additionally, all of our staff currently working have chosen to be here for you. None of them have been required to work. 

We are still just as passionate about creating delicious food and high-quality coffee and getting it to you. That hasn’t changed.

What can I order?

Anything that is available in the HOME DELIVERY portal can be delivered to your home! Right now, this includes all current food menu items, bagged coffee and loose-leaf tea. At this time, we cannot deliver espresso beverages.

How does the ordering and delivery schedule work?

Place your order any time on Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday for a next day delivery.  Which means food will arrive on your door step on Monday, Wednesday or Friday. The delivery window is between 12:00pm and 4:00pm. This means your food may arrive any time during that window. We’ll text you once your order has arrived, so you can retrieve it.

Can I order for delivery to a place of business?

You sure can. There is a spot for delivery directions when placing your order if you need to specify which entryway is best. Deliveries are contact-less, so just like a home delivery, we’ll leave your order at your place of business and immediately text you.

What happens next?

Your delicious Water Street consumables will be transported in our refrigerated vehicles and will arrive prepared and cold. Pop them in your refrigerator right away.  When you’re ready to enjoy, we’ve included directions for items that need re-heating, think breakfast burrito or spinach turnover. For items like fruit salad or chocolate walnut oat bars, these are ready to eat! Plate up your desired portion and enjoy!

Where do you deliver?

We have an eight mile delivery radius from our kitchen located at 6938 Elm Valley Drive. This includes all of downtown Kalamazoo and most of Portage and Mattawan. The ordering system will alert you if your location is outside the delivery radius.

Is there a minimum order?

No, but there is a $10 delivery fee for orders under $40, so we recommend stocking up. Most of our prepared food items will last about a week in your refrigerator, so we recommend “shopping” for the entire week in one delivery.  Also, if you’re not sure what else you need– toss an extra bag of coffee into your cart. You certainly don’t want to run out of beans!

What if I have questions about my order?

Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email. There is also a spot on your order to make notes; this information goes directly to our team at the kitchen. If you’d like to speak to someone in the kitchen, call on Monday, Wednesday or Friday mornings between 6:00 am and 11:00 am at 269-373-6904.

Can I place a Home Delivery Order order using your app?

Not at this time.

Where do I place my order again?

Place your online order here!

How do I heat all this delicious food?

Heating instructions will be included with your delivery. In case you misplace them you can also find instructions here.

Farmer's Market

Check out our list of local produce and farms!

Crisp Country Acres – Holland, MI

Great Lakes Potato Chips – Traverse City, MI

Harrison Pickle Company – Kalamazoo, MI

Jack and Jill’s Maple Farm – Paw Paw, MI

Michigan Egg – Kalamazoo, MI

The Old Home Place- LaGrange, IN

Shades of Lavender- Mattawan, MI

Silverbeet – Bangor, MI

Read more about Silverbeet!

Matcha powder, whisk, and matcha latte

Matcha, often known for its spiritual and health benefits, has a long history dating back to 9th century Japan. Once only accessible by elite, Zen practitioners and samurai warrior classes, now you can enjoy this revered drink at all of our Café locations.

Matcha as a tea or infused

Matcha is a very pleasant and soothing drink that offers complex distinctively sweet flavor, combined with earthy and rich umami notes. It can be drank as a traditional tea or added to a variety of beverages. Our Roast Master Seth shared, “A hand-crafted matcha latte is a great source of clean, healthy energy.”  Since we’ve added matcha to our menu, we love it so much, we’ve come up with a variety of matcha-infused concoctions available at our Café locations.

Matcha Latte (Hot or Iced)
Get the energy boost you need without the crash! A perfect blend of matcha tea and textured milk with a touch of sugar.

Matcha Tea
Get the clean energy boost you need for the day with this traditionally prepared stone ground matcha.

Matcha Lemonade (Seasonal)
A tart, sweet and refreshing drink combining Matcha and our House-made Lemonade.

Vanilla Matcha Shake
We take our house-made vanilla ice cream and blend it with milk and stone ground matcha for this creamy energizing treat!

What is Matcha?

A traditional Japanese green tea powder, matcha is made by stone milling Tencha leaves into a fine powder. Harvested just once a year between May and June, Tencha is grown almost exclusively to make matcha. For 3-5 weeks prior to harvest, the tea bushes are shaded using a traditional frame-and-hatch technique. This shading inhibits photosynthesis, boosting chlorophyll levels and creating a deep green leaf color. In its struggle to gather more light, the tea bush pulls nutrients from its roots and grows wide, thin, tender tea leaves. This results in boosted levels of natural plant sugars, amino acids and caffeine.

The many benefits of Matcha

Matcha is often touted for its health benefits, along with its ability to enhance mood and aid in concentration. Unlike other green teas, with matcha the whole leaf is consumed, giving it a much higher concentration of caffeine. A rare amino acid found in the leaves, L-theanine, counteracts many of the negative side effects of the caffeine, typically inhibiting the jitters or crash you may experience. Many have even shared that matcha has a relaxing and calming effect on them.

Matcha tea is packed with antioxidants, which may help to fortify the immune system and prevent disease. The leaf provides a variety of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium. Matcha has also been known to improve skin complexion and detoxify the body, along with a myriad of other health benefits.

Iced Matcha and Matcha Latte


At Water Street, we are always looking for new and exciting areas to expand and respond to what our customers are looking for. When the studying and work has ended for the day, we want our customers to be able to sit back, relax, and catch up with friends. What better way than with a refreshing cocktail, smooth glass of wine, or cool local beer? With that in mind, we are excited to debut our recently acquired liquor license at our Portage cafe with an official Cocktail Launch Party on June 16th, from 6pm-10pm.

It’s party time!

We’ll be offering 25% off all cocktails, beer, and wine from our Spring Menu, and 30% off delicious appetizers all evening. Guests can also enjoy live music from Borr+McFerrin from 6pm-8pm, fun giveaways, and a special tasting from One Well Brewing.

Now is your chance to try something cool and refreshing, like our Hibiscus Twist, made with Tito’s Vodka, lemon juice, freshly brewed Hibiscus Rooibos Iced Tea, and Lavender Syrup (made in house using locally grown lavender from Shades of Lavender Farm in Mattawan, MI). Looking for something with a little zip? Try our Irish Coffee with a BANG! We combine Jameson Whiskey, Water Street’s own cold brew (Iced Coffee with a BANG), and simple syrup, then we pour over coffee ice cubes and top with a float of heavy whipping cream.

With such a vibrant local beer scene in Kalamazoo and Portage, we couldn’t help but feature some local beers on our beer list. One of our favorites is One Well Brewing’s Sweet Water Street. An Imperial Porter at 7.1%, this beer highlights our very own Water Street coffee, as well as donuts from another Kalamazoo mainstay: Sweetwater’s Donut Mill. Sweet and smooth, it’s the perfect beer to pair with our summer desserts. Our beer list also features selections from Kalamazoo’s own Bell’s Brewery, as well as Grand Rapids’ Founder’s Brewing Company and Brewery Vivant, and more.

If wine is what you’re looking for, we have a carefully selected list, including a 2016 Barista Coffee Pinotage from Western Cape, South Africa. Rich with coffee, chocolate, and mulberry notes, we recommend pairing a glass with a delicious Spinach and Feta Turnover. Or try a mimosa, featuring the Valdelavia Cava Brut, along with fresh squeezed orange juice.

Water St Live!

What else goes well with a cocktail? Live music! We are happy to continue our Water St Live series of free live music at our Portage cafe throughout the summer. Catch Borr+McFerrin at our Cocktail Launch Party on June 16th, then come back to hear The Birdseed Salesmen with Helen Yee on June 28th. Our full event listing can be found on our events page, as well as on Facebook. Each of these events will be free of charge and feature local artists from the Kalamazoo or West Michigan area. With such a lively musical community in Kalamazoo and Portage, we are thrilled to be able to showcase local musicians’ talents and provide a fun, relaxing evening event.

Our cocktail, beer, and wine menu will be changing seasonally, so come in and try these offerings while you can. And we hope to see you on June 16th!

Beer and and wine is served from 7am to close Monday through Saturday, and 12pm to close on Sunday. Cocktails are served 4pm to close Monday through Friday, 7am to close Saturday, and 12pm to close Sunday. Stay tuned for news on approval of our full license, which will allow us to serve cocktails with Sunday morning brunch, as well as let guests enjoy their drinks on our outdoor patio.


Sometimes you just need an extra little something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Combining your favorite tea with the perfect treat can be a wonderful sensation for your taste buds. There are so many foods that pair well with tea, so how do you choose? Maybe we can help! Here are five of our favorite tea and dessert pairings.


Lavender honey cupcake

Craigmore English Breakfast Flowery Orange Pekoe Black tea and Lavender Honey Cupcake

The smooth Craigmore English Breakfast Flowery Orange Pekoe contains tea leaves that are left whole and include the young buds of the tea plant, also known as tips. Uncut tips hold onto all the essential oils needed for a delicate flavorful brew. This smooth tea pairs well with the mouth watering Lavender Honey Cupcake. This sweet cupcake filled with honey and local lavender comes together with the earthy notes from the tea to create a wonderful aroma. Do you like warm earthy flavors with some creamy sweetness? Then you should try this delicious pairing!



Earl Grey tea and a Toffy SconeOrganic Earl Grey Supreme Black Tea and Chocolate Toffee Scone

Our Organic Earl Grey Supreme Black Tea is a classic tea blend that is rich in flavor and pairs well with many foods. The black tea leaves are infused with fine Italian bergamot citrus oil to create this Organic Earl Grey Supreme. This black tea is perfect on its own, but you can always add milk or honey. When you are looking for something to pair with this stronger tea, you do not want to pick something that is too overpowering. That’s why our Chocolate Toffee Scone is a perfect choice. This tasty scone is full of chocolate chips and toffee bites with drizzled chocolate to top it off. The sweet chocolate and toffee flavors in the scone compliment the robust citrus ones in the tea. Love Earl Grey Tea, but don’t know what to eat with it? Try our Chocolate Toffee Scone!





Four Seasons Spring Oolong Tea and Lemon Cream CookiePerson pouring tea from a tea pot

The Four Seasons Spring Oolong Tea is admired for its long-lasting aroma. This delightful drink is crafted by oolong tea artisans and highlights the delicate notes of jasmine and lilac. This floral tea pairs well with our sweet Lemon Cream Cookie. The heavenly lemon cream cookie is made with freshly squeezed lemon juice and lemon zest baked in a creamy cookie. This sweet dessert helps emphasize the delicious tropical flavors in the Four Seasons Oolong Tea without overpowering the delicate floral notes. Next time you are looking for a pleasant fruity tea and dessert pairing, come try our Four Seasons Spring Oolong Tea with a lemon cream cookie.



Almond Biscottis in containerFair Trade Organic Jade Cloud Green Tea and Almond Biscotti

The Fair Trade Organic Jade Cloud is a bright and fresh green tea, that has been nurtured by the clouds and cool mist of early spring. This lively tea is a classically delicious green tea. The Fair Trade Organic Jade Cloud Green Tea pairs well with our Almond Biscotti. The Almond Biscotti is a crisp treat that contains almonds. Biscottis are baked twice to make them extra crisp, perfect for dunking into a cup of tea. This nutty biscotti is no exception! If you’re looking for a light mid-afternoon snack, enjoy a mild grassy green tea, and want to try something sweet and crunchy, then this is the pairing for you.







Chocolate Pretzel TriangleOrganic Peppermint Rooibos and Chocolate Pretzel Triangle

Refreshingly crisp but not overpowering, the caffeine-free Organic Peppermint Rooibos is candy-sweet with a fresh burst of peppermint. The soothing Organic Peppermint Rooibos pairs well with chocolate, specifically our Chocolate Pretzel Triangle. This tasty triangle is full of crunchy pretzel pieces and dark and white chocolate drizzled with salted caramel. Chocolate and peppermint is a popular combination; the surprising addition of salted caramel perfectly balances this sweet refreshing pairing. If you like peppermint and you like chocolate, this is one you should definitely try!



What’s your favorite tea and dessert pairings? Come stop in at any of our Water Street cafes to give them a try. Check out our menu to create your perfect pairings!

There are many unique names for all the coffee drinks out there, and it can get confusing. What is a cortado? Or an espresso macchiato, latte, cappuccino, or Americano? Could one of these be your new favorite go-to drink? All of these drinks are made with deliciously roasted espresso, dialed in for the perfect shot every morning. Today, we are going to explain these common coffee drinks and help you decide which of these drinks you will love.


Everyone’s talking about espresso, but what is it?

It’s simply a method of preparing coffee. Espresso is a strong, concentrated coffee, brewed by pushing hot water through finely ground coffee beans. To brew the perfect shot of espresso, extraction time is short; the grounds and water are typically in contact for less than thirty seconds. Flavor can be extracted from the coffee quickly because the water temperature is high, the beans are very finely ground, and pressure is exerted throughout the brewing process. The result of this extraction method is a concentrated, more vivid-tasting drink that many coffee drinkers favor.



Cortado vs. an Espresso Macchiato

A cortado and an espresso macchiato may seem similar but they do have important differences. Both of these delightful drinks contain espresso and freshly steamed milk. What sets them apart is the ratio between the espresso and milk in each drink. In addition, an espresso macchiato is traditionally served in a demitasse cup on a saucer with a spoon, whereas a cortado is served in the traditional cortado glass.


A cortado in a traditional cortado glass.


Cortado comes from the Spanish word “cortar” which means to cut. This delicious espresso beverage has hot frothed milk which in essence “cuts” the acidity of the espresso.

This creamy drink consists of a 1:1 ratio of frothed milk to a brewed double shot of espresso. Typically, a cortado is served in a small cortado glass with a small layer of froth (as seen in the picture). If you are looking for a great espresso drink that’s a little out of the ordinary, then you should try a cortado.




Espresso Macchiato

The birth of the name “macchiato” came from baristas needing to show the difference between an espresso and an espresso with a bit of milk in it. The Italian word macchiato means “stained” or “marked”, hence the espresso macchiato name is translated to “marked coffee”.

This delicious drink is a rich shot (or shots) of espresso marked with a dollop of frothed milk on top. An espresso macchiato is traditionally a 2:1 ratio of espresso to milk, which makes for a stronger espresso taste in the final drink. An espresso macchiato is served in a demitasse cup on a saucer with spoon. This small beverage gives coffee drinkers a little milk in their espresso to soften the sometimes strong or acidic flavor.


Latte vs. Cappuccino

Some of the most commonly ordered espresso drinks are a latte and a cappuccino. Once you try them, it’s easy to see why! They are both made with fresh espresso and creamy frothed milk, and are easily customizable by adding flavor or choosing an alternative milk. The difference between them lies in the ratio of froth and weight of each drink.


A latte with a rosetta


The name latte is a shortened form of the Italian name caffè latte, which means “milk coffee”. Since the 17th century, both coffee and milk have been a part of European meals.

Many coffee drinkers like this drink if they enjoy the flavorful taste of espresso when it is tempered with a generous amount of milk. When steamed, the natural sugars in the milk make this drink sweet and tasty. A latte is made by pulling the perfect shot of espresso and then topping with steamed milk. Then, the barista expertly finishes the pour with textured milk (usually topped with a design such as a rosetta, tulip, or heart).



A traditional Italian cappuccino is a coffee drink that is prepared with shots of espresso and steamed milk. A cappuccino is rich in flavor and texture. If you like some sweetness to your coffee drink without losing the coffee flavor, then you will love a cappuccino.

A cappuccino is similar to a latte in that it consists of the same ingredients. Tasty cappuccinos are made by pouring the espresso and then milk, but the technique for frothing milk for a cappuccino is slightly different than for a latte. Baristas integrate more air into the milk, resulting in a light whipped consistency to the cappuccino’s foam. A properly made cappuccino will be significantly lighter in weight than a latte.



Americano and Café au Lait

Still haven’t found the next drink for you? The Americano and café au lait are also popular drinks commonly ordered. The Americano is fresh espresso shots with hot water resulting in a drink comparable to brewed coffee. If you like brewed coffee but want to try something a little different then you should definitely try an Americano. Alternatively, the tasty café au lait is freshly brewed coffee and frothed milk. If you are looking for a mild, sweeter coffee drink, you should consider getting the café au lait.



There’s a popular belief that the Americano name originated during World War II. American G.I.s (when in Italy) would modify espresso with hot water to make it more like the brewed coffee that they had back home. Americano is short for the Italian name café Americano, which literally translates to American coffee.

The Americano is prepared by adding hot water to espresso shots, giving it a similar strength to brewed coffee, but with a bold, velvety smooth taste. This makes it a good alternative if you like coffee, but want to branch out. The strength of an Americano varies with the amount of water added to the drink and the number of shots of espresso. This delightful drink lets you enjoy the flavorful espresso taste without the intensity of a straight shot of espresso.


A cafe au lait with a rosetta on top.

Café au Lait

In American coffee houses, a café au lait is brewed coffee mixed with steamed milk. This coffee drink is different than a café latte, which contains espresso. The French name café au lait is translated to “coffee with milk”. For a café au lait at Water Street, you can choose what type of brewed coffee you would like: light roast, dark roast, or decaf roast. If you prefer a mild, creamy coffee drink, then a café au lait would be perfect for you!






A row of our handmade syrups.Customizing your favorite drink at Water Street Coffee

Don’t forget that at Water Street, you can always customize your favorite drinks! You can add any of our flavored syrups to get a unique new flavor in your drink. Water Street Coffee makes our own syrups, and we’re always expanding our homemade syrup offerings. To read more about Water Street Coffee’s house-made syrups and what makes them so delicious, check out our house-made syrup blog. You can also always add an extra shot of espresso to your drinks for a little extra pick-me-up. When you are ordering a drink that has milk in it, you can replace 2% or skim milk with soy milk, almond milk, or breve (half-and-half). Or for a sweeter treat to top your drink, add whipped cream and our homemade dolce (caramel) sauce.  Yum!

To see the full Water Street Coffee drink menu, and pick out the next drink you might try, click here!


The cool days are finally setting in here in Michigan. For us, that means we get to provide our customers with all sorts of fresh, local produce and delicious comfort foods. Whether you’re stopping by for lunch, grabbing one of our signature seasonal drinks, or looking for something to satisfy a sweet tooth, we’ve got it all this fall season and it’s all handmade!



We promise that you can still look forward to many of your favorites this fall. The Spinach and Feta Turnover has returned along with the Chicken Pesto Melt, Classic Grilled Cheese, and your favorite breakfast burritos. We’re excited to bring back the popular Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Turnover, flaky pastry crust stuffed with sweet potato, pumpkin, swiss cheese, and plenty of garlic and spices. And for true cozy comfort, try the Autumn Squash Empanada: oven roasted chicken, squash, onion, provolone cheese, and plenty of herbs and spices stuffed inside our house-made bierock dough.

Butternut Squash & Cranberry Salad, Smoky Kale Salad, Kung Pao Tofu & Vegetables

For lighter options, we always have Water Street favorite Chicken Pecan Salad and we’re happy to continue our vegan hit Quinoa Sweet Potato Salad.  Other delicious vegan options this fall include the Butternut Squash and Cranberry Salad, as well as the zesty Kung Pao Tofu and Vegetable entree.  And due to popular demand, we have brought back the delectable Smoky Kale Salad, overflowing with fresh kale, lima beans, gouda cheese, kalamata olives, and sundried tomatoes, all tossed in our house-made smoky vinaigrette.

Breakfast lovers will love our new vegan Fiesta Tofu and Potato Burrito, served hot out of the oven and filled with seasoned tofu, crispy red potatoes, onions, carrots, spices, and a touch of hot sauce.  Other new breakfast favorites include the Chorizo and Pepper Jack Spanish Toritlla, as well as the cheesy Denver Omelette Strata. For a full look at our breakfast and savory menu, click here.


Margarita Salted Lime Cupcake

No coffee or meal is quite complete unless you have that perfect sweet treat to round everything out. As usual, our expert pastry chefs and bakers have been hard at work. Get your pumpkin fix with a slice of Pumpkin Cheesecake, or try the tasty Pumpkin Tartlet, available through Thanksgiving. Not a pumpkin fan? Try the brand new Margarita Salted Lime Cupcake, vanilla and lime zest combined into a delicious cupcake batter, baked to perfection and topped with vanilla frosting and a light sprinkle of sea salt. It’s a new kind of happy hour!

Toffee Pecan Tea Cake

We’re also excited to introduce the Toffee Pecan Tea Cake, a perfect choice to pair with a hot pot of tea on a blustery day.  And no fall season would be complete without a pumpkin donut, new this year and baked fresh every morning!



Fall Drinks

maple-latteNow let’s be honest. Nothing quite says fall at Water Street like hot cider, maple pecan lattes, and pumpkin spice, right? What we think is even better is making all of these favorites with local and handmade products.

Whether you like your cider hot, cold, caramel, or spiced with chai tea, at Water Street it’s always fresh from Schultz Fruitridge Farms in Mattawan, MI. We look forward every year to getting their amazing cider back on our shelves. The maple syrup in our signature Maple Pecan Latte also comes straight from local Jack and Jill’s Maple Hill Farm in Paw Paw. They are part of the Michigan Maple Syrup Association and tap the maple trees the old fashioned way – no vacuums or tubing in sight!

And last but not least, tastier than ever is our Housemade Pumpkin Spice syrup. Cooked up by our own Anne Mills in the Water Street Kitchen, it is good in everything! Latte, steamer, coffee, or chai, you really can’t go wrong!


Eat Local!

If you’ve been in our cafes lately you might have noticed that it isn’t only our fall drinks that we are serving up local! At each shop we provide a weekly updated chalkboard that tells you where in Michigan our local products came from that week. While we do not source every product we use locally, we believe that doing so as much as possible is not only good for our customer but great for our community. Eating and buying from local farms supports local economy and job growth by keeping our hard earned dollars closer to home and also provides healthier, fresher foods due to less travel and processing time. Check out what farm and producers you are supporting by eating local at Water Street and ask a barista to tell you what ingredients came from each farm the next time you stop in!

Sometimes the day just isn’t complete without a touch of something sweet. A successful marriage of dessert and drink can deliver unexpected and delicious experiences for the palate.  Here are some of our very favorite pairings of our homemade sweet treats and smooth coffee picks.  Stop by any of our Water Street cafes to give them a try. Or check out our menus to create your own perfect pairing!

Biscotti and Cappuccino 

Do breakfast the Italian way… with a crunchy biscotti, dipped in a frothy fresh cappuccino. Our biscotti, meaning twice-baked in Italian, are expertly baked in our Water Street kitchen. Our favorites include the Pistachio Chocolate Chip Biscotti and the ever popular Almond Biscotti.  Paired with the natural sweetness of the textured froth and the smooth espresso in the cappuccino, this is a combination that will leave you dreaming of the rolling hills of Tuscany!



Lemon Bar and Sumatra Mandheling

For the true coffee connoisseur, a contrast in sharp tartness with smooth earthiness is a real treat.  Water Street’s luscious lemon bars have been a staple for years, and it’s easy to taste why!  We make a rich filling with freshly squeezed lemon juice and lemon zest, then bake to perfection in a shortbread cookie crust. Balancing the delicate flavors of the lemon bar with our popular Sumatra Mandheling roast creates the perfect balanced refreshment.  Grown by the Mandheling tribe of west-central Sumatra, Indonesia, near the port of Padang, the Sumatra Mandheling has a heavy, concentrated body, very low acidity, and a rich flavor with hints of dark chocolate. From its rich, sweet aroma to its earthy finish, this brew is deliciously complex.  We love it brewed in a Chemex to bring out the full body of this coffee.


Vanilla Cheesecake and Cortado

We think cheesecake goes well with almost anything, but it especially stands out alongside the creaminess of the cortado.  We make our cortados with a 1:1 ratio of frothed milk to fresh espresso, which cuts down on the acidity.  Popular in Spain and Portugal, the cortado is commonly ordered in the afternoon, for a delicious pick-me-up.  We recommend trying a cortado with our own featured espresso, which gives you a brighter, more complex flavor. Water Street’s famous vanilla cheesecake is a dessert lover’s dream, with made-from-scratch creamy filling baked in a graham cracker crust.  Together, these two can help you solve any problem that comes your way.



Cupcake and Dolce de Leche

For the true sweet tooth, there’s nothing better than a freshly-baked cupcake and the caramely goodness of a hot Dolce de Leche. We love so many of our cupcake flavors, but we’re recently very excited about our new Margarita Salted Lime: a vanilla cupcake made with fresh lime zest, topped with vanilla frosting and a light sprinkle of sea salt.  Or for a vegan twist, try our vegan dark chocolate or orange mango cupcakes – both rich and delicious!  We mix our house-made caramel sauce with our brewed coffee and add steamed milk to create our popular Dolce de Leche drink. Topped with whipped cream and caramel drizzle, it’s a decadent dessert all by itself.  Paired with a cupcake, it’s perfection!

Silverbeet Farm is a micro-farm producing certified naturally grown herbs, vegetables and flowers. This produce provides homes, grocery stores and restaurants – like Water Street Coffee – with the freshest, most flavorful, local ingredients.

How the Farm Started

Silverbeet Farm started out of love – love for gardening, for food, for vegetables, for fresher-than-you’ll-ever-taste heirloom tomatoes. Chanterelle, along with her sister, Sureau, and friend started this beautiful 2-acre farm located in Bangor, Michigan. 

The passion that started Silverbeet Farm started with Chanterelle’s childhood. Chanterelle and Sureau grew up in a vegetarian family that grew and cooked their own food. This family ate farm to table before it was cool! Her love for fresh local food turned her into an avid gardener, which lead her to work on several farms and eventually to attend the Master Gardener Program at MSU Extension for her adult horticultural education.

Today’s Silverbeet Farm

When we caught up with her, Chanterelle pointed out that she enjoys “creating something real and needed for [her] local community.” And “real” takes on a very literal meaning when it comes to Silverbeet Farm’s food. They use organic seeds and no synthetic pesticides to raise their 800+ plants — which includes 23 varieties of tomatoes!

Silverbeet Farm supplies fresh vegetables for the farmer’s families, ingredients to local restaurants, and they also sell their beautiful flowers and vegetables at the Kalamazoo Farmers’ Market. The Kalamazoo community has embraced the Farmers’ Market, all of its vendors and the local food movement. Silverbeet Farm is happy to be a part of that growth.

A Collaboration for Quality Food

Over the years Silverbeet Farm and Water Street Coffee have developed an extremely collaborative relationship. A big contributor to that relationship is their unique connection as several Silverbeet Farm employees work in Water Street Coffee’s kitchen during the winter off-season. Chanterelle says, “this allows for a fantastic level of collaboration and open dialogue. It’s the best part of working together”.

Plus, having the inside scoop on what’s looking most delicious for the upcoming season allows the team at Water Street Coffee to further elevate the Café food offerings, which in the end makes for happier customers. As Tera, head chef at Water Street Coffee put it, “we are grateful to work with a local farm that is as passionate and excited about quality, fresh and local as we are here at Water Street Coffee.”

There is something so wonderful about bringing two foods together to create something new and delicious. Sometimes we don’t even realize what we are missing until a flavor combination happens that is just right and then we can’t help but wonder how we lived without it (macaroni and cheese anyone?). So whether it is a little unexpected or a classic food pairing you already know and love, you have got to try out these awesome offerings on our new summer menu!


Asparagus and Swiss

Since it’s asparagus season in Michigan, it was important to us to find ingredients that really let the our fresh local asparagus from Jack and Jill’s Maple farm really shine. Paired with a mild, sweet cheese like Swiss, we found that the cheese enhanced rather than overpowered the fresh flavor of the asparagus and the pair naturally lent itself to a fresh baked strata. The Asparagus and Cheese Strata is also made with eggs, bread, kale, and onion and is a delicious and, just a little, decadent dish for any meal of the day. Plus, on top of being the perfect complement, Swiss cheese gets particularly melty and what isn’t made better with a little warm, gooey cheese? Try it with your morning coffee or with a side of Summer Kale Salad made with local kale from Silverbeet farms. You won’t be disappointed!


Berries and Greens

Refreshing, light, and healthy – creating a salad that paired fresh berries with mixed greens seemed like just the thing to kick off the summer months. Fresh berries are the perfect combination of sweet and tart and when you throw in some sunflower seeds for a little crunch with our housemade raspberry vinaigrette, the Berry Salad is a great, light option for lunch at the office, a meal on one of our patios, or even an easy grab for dinner on your way home from work. Need something just a bit more filling? You can now add house-grilled chicken breast to any salad or entree of your choice. We especially love it on this salad!



Tomato and Basil

This one is a classic. You can find tomato and basil paired together in everything from soup to salad to sandwiches and it always tastes so fresh and flavorful. There’s just something about a sweet ripe tomato and the spice of basil that works and, just like most things, it’s even better on pizza! Our new Flatbread Margherita Pizza not only pairs these two ingredients perfectly but also combines some of our favorite local ingredients with a unique crust. Instead of a traditional flatbread, this pizza starts with a soft and chewy naan bread that gets nice and crispy in the oven. The Naan bread is then covered in a light coat of olive oil and topped with chopped garlic, fresh mozzarella, local spinach from Crisp Country Acres, and finally that perfect combination of tomatoes and fresh basil leaves. Each flatbread pizza is made to order in shop so it comes out fresh and hot to be enjoyed in the cafe or take it with you on the go in a carry out pizza box. Add a soda made with our ginger house syrup to wash it all down. Refreshing!


Peanut Butter and Banana

Whether you are hunting for the perfect vegan snack or a sweet but healthy start to your morning, the combination of peanut butter and banana in our Peanut Butter Banana wrap is the perfect mix of protein, healthy carbs, and all natural sweetness. Made in a vegan wheat tortilla, the filling in this wrap combines our housemade granola, unsweetened coconut flakes, natural peanut butter, and fresh sliced apples and bananas. They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away – so just imagine what you can do with all the rest of this goodness! We recommend serving it cold straight out of our deli cases but we heard a rumor that it’s also pretty delicious warm and gooey right out of the oven. Ask a barista to heat it up for you! But no matter how you choose to eat it, there’s just something classic and comforting about peanut butter and banana that makes you feel like a kid again and we love that this wrap can provide a delicious moment like that during a crazy day. Try it with a black cup of coffee or an almond milk latte for a complete vegan treat!


Ice Cream and Crisp

Did somebody say ice cream? There are few things that give us that lovely summer feeling more than some cold, creamy ice cream on a hot day. That’s why we’ve paired our housemade vanilla ice cream with a fresh fruit crisp made with seasonal summer fruit to create a picture-perfect summertime dessert. This is a great option to enjoy on the patio with your favorite cup of coffee. Made to order, we will place the fruit crisp in the oven so that it comes out warm and delicious with just a bit of crunch from the toasted crumble on top. To finish, we place a heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream right on top so that every bite is the perfect mix of ice cream and fruit. Want to get really decadent? Ask for whipped cream on top!


In the Water Street Kitchen, we are always looking for that exciting, tasty way to spice things up and striving to create dishes and combine ingredients that are both unexpected and inspired. This time of year it is all about the fresh, local produce especially and finding ways to highlight and compliment so many amazing Michigan grown summer ingredients. Let us know what your favorite pairing is in the comments!

Note about local ingredients:

We love supporting local businesses and farms which means we include local ingredients in all of our foods as often as possible. However, due to the changing seasons in Michigan, the availability of certain ingredients varies so not all current ingredients sourced locally will remain so all year long. For the most up-to-date information on what ingredients are local and where they came from, ask a barista at one of the cafes for all the details and thank you for supporting local businesses in your community!