Name of Business

Pro Services

Type of Business

Multi-Skilled Trades Company


Portage, MI

About Pro Services

Since 1987, Pro Services has provided Skilled Trades and Maintenance Technicians to industrial, commercial, and residential customers around the world. They are a learning organization focused on continuous improvement of their skills and offerings based on their customers’ advancing technology.

The Partnership

The Pro Services and Water Street  collaboration began when the owner of Pro Services said, “I don’t like our coffee, I want Water Street”. No problem!  Step one: schedule a coffee tasting to help identify their preferred roast and brewing specifications. Next, Water Street set them up with training to ensure a consistently delicious daily coffee experience for the whole company. Since the partnership started Water Street has promptly helped Pro Services troubleshoot ordering and equipment issues so no one goes without coffee.water-street-coffee-pro-services

Services Include

‘Why Water Street?’ In Their Words

Coffee Expertise

“We spent the afternoon with Water Street Coffee to do a tasting to determine what coffee we wanted to brew at our office. [The sales rep] was great at asking the right questions to figure out what we did and did not like about certain blends. After the tasting he set us up with everything we needed to brew the coffee we decided on, at the strength we liked best, everyday.”

Customer Service

“If we ever order something wrong or run out of coffee they will bag and grind our beans right away. If I have an equipment issue I can call the tech directly instead of waiting on a phone line. They try to assist us over the phone first and if they can’t, they give us transparent and accurate times for when they’ll be available for service.”


“The entire Water Street Coffee team is dependable and easy to work with. We have been extremely impressed with their level of customer service at every step in the process. When it comes to coffee, they are connoisseurs. Pro [Services] is not run well without Water Street.”