Coffee and Dessert: Our Favorite Pairings

Sometimes the day just isn’t complete without a touch of something sweet. A successful marriage of dessert and drink can deliver unexpected and delicious experiences for the palate.  Here are some of our very favorite pairings of our homemade sweet treats and smooth coffee picks.  Stop by any of our Water Street cafes to give them a try. Or check out our menus to create your own perfect pairing!

Biscotti and Cappuccino 

Do breakfast the Italian way… with a crunchy biscotti, dipped in a frothy fresh cappuccino. Our biscotti, meaning twice-baked in Italian, are expertly baked in our Water Street kitchen. Our favorites include the Pistachio Chocolate Chip Biscotti and the ever popular Almond Biscotti.  Paired with the natural sweetness of the textured froth and the smooth espresso in the cappuccino, this is a combination that will leave you dreaming of the rolling hills of Tuscany!

Lemon Bars

Lemon Bar and Sumatra Mandheling

For the true coffee connoisseur, a contrast in sharp tartness with smooth earthiness is a real treat.  Water Street’s luscious lemon bars have been a staple for years, and it’s easy to taste why!  We make a rich filling with freshly squeezed lemon juice and lemon zest, then bake to perfection in a shortbread cookie crust. Balancing the delicate flavors of the lemon bar with our popular Sumatra Mandheling roast creates the perfect balanced refreshment.  Grown by the Mandheling tribe of west-central Sumatra, Indonesia, near the port of Padang, the Sumatra Mandheling has a heavy, concentrated body, very low acidity, and a rich flavor with hints of dark chocolate. From its rich, sweet aroma to its earthy finish, this brew is deliciously complex.  We love it brewed in a Chemex to bring out the full body of this coffee.


Vanilla Cheesecake and Cortado

We think cheesecake goes well with almost anything, but it especially stands out alongside the creaminess of the cortado.  We make our cortados with a 1:1 ratio of frothed milk to fresh espresso, which cuts down on the acidity.  Popular in Spain and Portugal, the cortado is commonly ordered in the afternoon, for a delicious pick-me-up.  We recommend trying a cortado with our own featured espresso, which gives you a brighter, more complex flavor. Water Street’s famous vanilla cheesecake is a dessert lover’s dream, with made-from-scratch creamy filling baked in a graham cracker crust.  Together, these two can help you solve any problem that comes your way.

Cupcake and Dolce de Leche

For the true sweet tooth, there’s nothing better than a freshly-baked cupcake and the caramely goodness of a hot Dolce de Leche. We love so many of our cupcake flavors, but we’re recently very excited about our new Margarita Salted Lime: a vanilla cupcake made with fresh lime zest, topped with vanilla frosting and a light sprinkle of sea salt.  Or for a vegan twist, try our vegan dark chocolate or orange mango cupcakes – both rich and delicious!  We mix our house-made caramel sauce with our brewed coffee and add steamed milk to create our popular Dolce de Leche drink. Topped with whipped cream and caramel drizzle, it’s a decadent dessert all by itself.  Paired with a cupcake, it’s perfection!