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5 Summer Food Pairings that are Made-From-Scratch

There is something so wonderful about bringing two foods together to create something new and delicious. Sometimes we don’t even realize what we are missing until a flavor combination happens that is just right and then we can’t help but wonder how we lived without it (macaroni and cheese anyone?). So whether it is a little unexpected or a classic food pairing you already know and love, you have got to try out these awesome offerings on our new summer menu!


Asparagus and Swiss

Since it’s asparagus season in Michigan, it was important to us to find ingredients that really let the our fresh local asparagus from Jack and Jill’s Maple farm really shine. Paired with a mild, sweet cheese like Swiss, we found that the cheese enhanced rather than overpowered the fresh flavor of the asparagus and the pair naturally lent itself to a fresh baked strata. The Asparagus and Cheese Strata is also made with eggs, bread, kale, and onion and is a delicious and, just a little, decadent dish for any meal of the day. Plus, on top of being the perfect complement, Swiss cheese gets particularly melty and what isn’t made better with a little warm, gooey cheese? Try it with your morning coffee or with a side of Summer Kale Salad made with local kale from Silverbeet farms. You won’t be disappointed!


Berries and Greens

Refreshing, light, and healthy – creating a salad that paired fresh berries with mixed greens seemed like just the thing to kick off the summer months. Fresh berries are the perfect combination of sweet and tart and when you throw in some sunflower seeds for a little crunch with our housemade raspberry vinaigrette, the Berry Salad is a great, light option for lunch at the office, a meal on one of our patios, or even an easy grab for dinner on your way home from work. Need something just a bit more filling? You can now add house-grilled chicken breast to any salad or entree of your choice. We especially love it on this salad!



Tomato and Basil

This one is a classic. You can find tomato and basil paired together in everything from soup to salad to sandwiches and it always tastes so fresh and flavorful. There’s just something about a sweet ripe tomato and the spice of basil that works and, just like most things, it’s even better on pizza! Our new Flatbread Margherita Pizza not only pairs these two ingredients perfectly but also combines some of our favorite local ingredients with a unique crust. Instead of a traditional flatbread, this pizza starts with a soft and chewy naan bread that gets nice and crispy in the oven. The Naan bread is then covered in a light coat of olive oil and topped with chopped garlic, fresh mozzarella, local spinach from Crisp Country Acres, and finally that perfect combination of tomatoes and fresh basil leaves. Each flatbread pizza is made to order in shop so it comes out fresh and hot to be enjoyed in the cafe or take it with you on the go in a carry out pizza box. Add a soda made with our ginger house syrup to wash it all down. Refreshing!


Peanut Butter and Banana

Whether you are hunting for the perfect vegan snack or a sweet but healthy start to your morning, the combination of peanut butter and banana in our Peanut Butter Banana wrap is the perfect mix of protein, healthy carbs, and all natural sweetness. Made in a vegan wheat tortilla, the filling in this wrap combines our housemade granola, unsweetened coconut flakes, natural peanut butter, and fresh sliced apples and bananas. They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away – so just imagine what you can do with all the rest of this goodness! We recommend serving it cold straight out of our deli cases but we heard a rumor that it’s also pretty delicious warm and gooey right out of the oven. Ask a barista to heat it up for you! But no matter how you choose to eat it, there’s just something classic and comforting about peanut butter and banana that makes you feel like a kid again and we love that this wrap can provide a delicious moment like that during a crazy day. Try it with a black cup of coffee or an almond milk latte for a complete vegan treat!


Ice Cream and Crisp

Did somebody say ice cream? There are few things that give us that lovely summer feeling more than some cold, creamy ice cream on a hot day. That’s why we’ve paired our housemade vanilla ice cream with a fresh fruit crisp made with seasonal summer fruit to create a picture-perfect summertime dessert. This is a great option to enjoy on the patio with your favorite cup of coffee. Made to order, we will place the fruit crisp in the oven so that it comes out warm and delicious with just a bit of crunch from the toasted crumble on top. To finish, we place a heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream right on top so that every bite is the perfect mix of ice cream and fruit. Want to get really decadent? Ask for whipped cream on top!


In the Water Street Kitchen, we are always looking for that exciting, tasty way to spice things up and striving to create dishes and combine ingredients that are both unexpected and inspired. This time of year it is all about the fresh, local produce especially and finding ways to highlight and compliment so many amazing Michigan grown summer ingredients. Let us know what your favorite pairing is in the comments!

Note about local ingredients:

We love supporting local businesses and farms which means we include local ingredients in all of our foods as often as possible. However, due to the changing seasons in Michigan, the availability of certain ingredients varies so not all current ingredients sourced locally will remain so all year long. For the most up-to-date information on what ingredients are local and where they came from, ask a barista at one of the cafes for all the details and thank you for supporting local businesses in your community!