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We’re rekindling Willard’s Old Flame with a refreshed rendition of this popular spring and summer blend. Once earthy with a heavier profile, the new blend yields a very light, balanced and bright coffee. Beans from Brazil, Ethiopia and Costa Rica lend a chocolate and fruity aroma, paired with complex flavors of red fruit and nougat.

Willard’s Old Flame was first roasted in 2001 to honor our craft and the rich history of our roasting facility. Roasting the coffee helped to reignite the flame that had been part of the building since 1890. Built as a machine shop, it housed the Verdon Cigar Factory from 1900-08, then Bowers Lighter Co. until the mid-70s.

We’re proud to pay homage to this history and keep Willard’s flame burning bright!

The Bowers Machine Company building circa 1980-90s. Current location of Water Street’s roasting facility.