Choosing and maintaining the right coffee brewing equipment for your business can be a daunting task. When you partner with Water Street Coffee we work hard to make sure you’re always brewing the best cup of coffee possible. To help ensure trouble-free equipment, we offer an Extended Customer Care Plan for all wholesale accounts with complimentary-placed Fetco or Bunn coffee brewers and grinders.

Protection Against Expensive Repairs: What is an Extended Customer Care Plan?

We’ve designed this service plan to give you worry-free service for your brewing equipment without the unexpected costs related to normal maintenance, parts, and service fees. For this optional service plan, you pay a small annual fee. Most mechanical issues are covered at 100%, and any issues with the brewer caused by hard water are at an amazing discount. Our knowledgeable technicians provide service and repairs to all your Water Street Coffee equipment during our business hours at no additional charge to you!

Covered Repairs: Parts and service all in one plan!
Hassle Free: We’ll fix it or we’ll replace it.
We’ll Handle It: Only our fully-trained, specialized technicians will handle the equipment.
Water Filters Included: Water filters is a MUST on coffee brewing equipment.  This plan includes two annual filter changes and installation.
At Your Convenience: Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Cost Savings: This service plan is often cheaper than a single service visit.
Easy Payments: This plan is paid in two installments of $150 with automatic annual renewal.

Extended Customer Care Plan: A Case Study

Let’s talk about one of our wholesale accounts, we will call them ABC Inc. ABC Inc. is a large account with multiple brewing stations. In January,  they called to say one of their brewers was overfilling the coffee pot. Our maintenance technician responded immediately! He was able to make a few adjustments and, within the hour, ABC Inc. was brewing delicious coffee again.

Later that same year,  ABC Inc. had trouble with their brewer tripping a breaker in the main kitchen.  Due to use and age, the machine had a broken heating element; the other two heating elements were working overtime to compensate, and as a result, tripped the electrical breaker.  Our technician replaced all the heating elements but, while performing this repair, he recognized ABC’s grinders needed calibration and cleaning, so this service was performed as well.

In July ABC Inc. called again.  This time their brewer was displaying an error code.  As a first line of defense, we tried to troubleshoot over the phone but were unable to solve the problem so our maintenance technician returned. The diagnosis, a common one for the area,  was limescale buildup from hard water which meant that a delime service was required.  This is an extensive repair requiring the equipment be swapped out so that harsh chemicals can be applied off-site.  ABC Inc. was given a temporary brewer from our inventory and were again able to quickly resume brewing.

As you can see, service and maintenance costs can really start to add up.  To date, ABC Inc. would have paid over $1,300 in service, maintenance, and parts. But since they participated in our Extended Customer Care Plan, they were only billed the annual fee of $300 and paid the discounted de-lime fee of $175 (normally a $500 service).

We don’t want you to think this is typical, because it isn’t—it is expected that well-maintained equipment will go a long time without requiring service. Fetco brewers are amazing machines, but hard water, age of the brewer, and environment can, and will, cause any brewer to act up.  In these instances, maintenance costs can add up quickly and are seldom factored into an annual budget.

How would you like all your coffee equipment maintenance covered over the course of a year? If you would like to learn more about Water Street Coffee’s Extended Customer Care Plan, please contact us.

Silverbeet Farm is a micro-farm producing certified naturally grown herbs, vegetables and flowers. This produce provides homes, grocery stores and restaurants – like Water Street Coffee – with the freshest, most flavorful, local ingredients.

How the Farm Started

Silverbeet Farm started out of love – love for gardening, for food, for vegetables, for fresher-than-you’ll-ever-taste heirloom tomatoes. Chanterelle, along with her sister, Sureau, and friend started this beautiful 2-acre farm located in Bangor, Michigan. 

The passion that started Silverbeet Farm started with Chanterelle’s childhood. Chanterelle and Sureau grew up in a vegetarian family that grew and cooked their own food. This family ate farm to table before it was cool! Her love for fresh local food turned her into an avid gardener, which lead her to work on several farms and eventually to attend the Master Gardener Program at MSU Extension for her adult horticultural education.

Today’s Silverbeet Farm

When we caught up with her, Chanterelle pointed out that she enjoys “creating something real and needed for [her] local community.” And “real” takes on a very literal meaning when it comes to Silverbeet Farm’s food. They use organic seeds and no synthetic pesticides to raise their 800+ plants — which includes 23 varieties of tomatoes!

Silverbeet Farm supplies fresh vegetables for the farmer’s families, ingredients to local restaurants, and they also sell their beautiful flowers and vegetables at the Kalamazoo Farmers’ Market. The Kalamazoo community has embraced the Farmers’ Market, all of its vendors and the local food movement. Silverbeet Farm is happy to be a part of that growth.

A Collaboration for Quality Food

Over the years Silverbeet Farm and Water Street Coffee have developed an extremely collaborative relationship. A big contributor to that relationship is their unique connection as several Silverbeet Farm employees work in Water Street Coffee’s kitchen during the winter off-season. Chanterelle says, “this allows for a fantastic level of collaboration and open dialogue. It’s the best part of working together”.

Plus, having the inside scoop on what’s looking most delicious for the upcoming season allows the team at Water Street Coffee to further elevate the Café food offerings, which in the end makes for happier customers. As Tera, head chef at Water Street Coffee put it, “we are grateful to work with a local farm that is as passionate and excited about quality, fresh and local as we are here at Water Street Coffee.”


Name of Business

Bronson Methodist Hospital

Type of Business



Kalamazoo, MI

About Bronson Methodist Hospital

Located in the heart of Kalamazoo, Bronson is a regional medical center that serves not only Kalamazoo, but all of southwest Michigan. With a wide variety of services, specialties, and advanced capabilities, they’ve been recognized as a national leader in healthcare quality and safety.

The Partnership

Bronson Methodist Hospital is one of the longest and most integrated partnerships. Water Street Coffee has been serving their team, staff, and patients for over 10 years at multiple Bronson locations including:  Garden Bistro, Terrace Café, Bronson Athletic Club (BAC), and Bronson Commons. Bronson’s food department is passionate about hitting their goal of using 60% local products, so the partnership with Water Street is aligned with their core values. Water Street has become a trusted partner capable of handling their large coffee volume, diverse product needs, and comprehensive service packages. Everything down to the whip cream dispenser is sourced through their coffee expert, Water Street.

Services Include

• Coffee
• Coffee Tastings
• Training
• Equipment
• Maintenance, Service and Repairs
• Extended Customer Care Plan*
*What is the Extended Customer Care Plan?

‘Why Water Street?’ In Their Words

Customer Service

“Our sales rep is on it. He returns phone calls immediately, is always a nice person to chat with, and deals with our “uh oh” moments fast and without fuss. We place orders on Monday, but if we’re like, ‘oh, shoot’, we need something, we call and they meet our needs, even if it’s last minute.”

Equipment Expertise

“The Water Street team does an amazing job with the maintenance of our equipment. We’ve been in a few situations where our equipment needed repair—big or small—and it’s always taken care of in a timely manner and done right. Something as simple as a handle broken on a filter [basket] is reason even for their team to provide a quick response.”

Community Focused Partner with a Big Heart

“Something that shouldn’t go unnoticed is that Water Street has been great to our community and staff. We did an event for Nurses’ Week and they donated over 40 bags of coffee so our nurses could all enjoy Water Street coffee for Nurses’ Week. When we reached out their immediate response was ‘of course we’ll donate for that.’”


“One of the best things about Bronson working with Water Street is that our view as a hospital and their view as an employer and a partner is very local and people focused. We feel the care and attention they put into every step of our relationship even after all these years.”


Name of Business

People’s Food Co-op Kalamazoo

Type of Business

Co-op Grocery Store


Kalamazoo, MI

About People’s Food Co-op Kalamazoo

The People’s Food Co-op is more than a grocery store; it is a consumer-owned cooperative business, which means it’s owned and controlled by the people who use it. Kalamazoo’s Co-op currently has over 2,400 community members and shoppers who have financially invested in the store and thus are Co-op owners. Unlike a business owned by an individual, family, or a corporation, profits from the store return to their owners or are used to help the store better serve the community’s needs. In Kalamazoo, they work hard to provide their customers with a wide selection of nutritious, wholesome foods that are free of chemicals, preservatives, and additives.

The Partnership

The People’s Food Co-op Kalamazoo first sold Water Street coffee in bulk. Instead of a bulk offering, Water Street suggested retailing bagged coffee to ensure freshness. Often times grocery stores have limited shelf space, so The People’s Food Co-op and Water Street got creative and collaborated to build a beautiful custom display to house Water Street’s coffees and teas. The partnership has been going strong since! Now Water Street ensures the shelves are packed and the customers have plenty of opportunities to sample and learn about quality, local coffee and tea while enjoying their shopping experience at PFC Kalamazoo.

Services Include

• Retail Coffee
• Retail Tea
• Sampling Program
• Custom Display Unit

‘Why Water Street?’ In Their Words

Easy to Work With

“We have a good relationship with the team over at Water Street, but I like that I can order online anytime I want. As a buyer, I think that’s helpful because buyers are busy with lots of people and brands to connect with.”

Active Sampling Program

“One of the best ways to get people excited about a product is to offer samples. Water Street helps us run a very active sampling program on many Fridays.”

Problem Solvers

“Most of our coffee comes in bulk, but Water Street had freshness concerns. So we needed to figure out how to merchandise bagged coffee to make it look great when we have bulk product that is cheaper in price. Plus, it’s a local product so we wanted to support it. Water Street was up for getting creative and collaborating so we could make a space for their bagged coffee that looked great and was appealing for customers.”


“Working with Water Street Coffee is a comfortable environment. I am busy and sometimes I don’t get back to our sales rep right away, but when I reach out they are extremely responsive and it never feels high pressure. They have built a great relationship with our team.”