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Shopping for everyone on your list can get a little crazy so we took some of the guess work out of the experience and gave you an insider look at things fun, functional, and affordable!

Gifts Under $30

melittaMelitta Ready-Set-Joe and Filters (Great Deal Alert!!)

The Melitta Ready Set Joe Cone Brewer is a delicious, convenient, and inexpensive way to get a great cup of coffee every morning. The coffee enthusiasts in your life can even take this simple lightweight cone to the office with them and enjoy a fresh pour over any time of day. It uses a standard #2 filter available online and at any Water Street location and brews directly into your favorite mug which means your coffee stays hot, hot, hot! Brewer and filters can be purchased together for less than $10.00 at any Water Street retail location.




Rishi Simple Brew Teapot

The perfect gift for the tea lover in your life! This simple teapot is a great way to enjoy a hot or iced cup of tea at home or at the office. The clear glass design allows the user to watch as the tea infuses, expands, and dances right before your eyes. A built in strainer allows for easy pouring, easy clean up, and a simple way to reuse and re-steep your favorite loose-leaf teas!



grinderBodum Electric Coffee Grinder

This small but efficient coffee grinder has a transparent lid that allows you to see and control the grind progress. And because the cord can be wound inside the grinder at the bottom, it can be made compact for storage. It’s the perfect addition to a home brewing collection!





logowareWater Street Logoware

Whether it’s a sturdy stainless steel travel mug, our classic Cobalt Diner mug, or a handy tote bag, Water Street Logoware is a great option for fun and functional gift giving. And keep an eye out for a special new Water Street Coffee Roaster Enamelware Mug coming soon to a shop near you!




jocoJoco Travel Mugs

Made from non-porous, borosilicate glass, Joco cups are free of any chemical nastiness and do not compromise the taste of your morning coffee! The splash-proof silicone lid and thermal silicone sleeve make it comfortable and easy to carry with you. Simple, stylish and lightweight, yet durable enough for the dishwasher or microwave. Four colors available in shop, two colors available online




swedishSwedish Dishcloths (Stocking Stuffer Alert!!)

So you may be asking yourself what exactly is a Swedish Dishcloth? Only the coolest way to clean your kitchen! Invented by a Swedish engineer in 1949, the Three Bluebirds dishcloths we offer are made with his same formula: 70% wood cellulose from FSC certified forests and 30% cotton. Since you can throw them in the washing machine for reuse up to 200 times, they’re a great replacement for paper towels and sponges and they’re biodegradable once they’re used up. Environmentally friendly, cleans pretty much any surface streak free, and they come in all sorts of cute designs? We’re a little obsessed.

Magical Menagerie and Ornaments

These Punch Out Animals and Ornaments are a great way to decorate and entertain any time of year. With uses ranging from year round decorations to 3D greeting cards to Christmas ornaments and party favors, we promise you’ll have all sorts of fun with these whimsical creations by Junzo Terada.


club-membershipCoffee Club Membership

With our club membership you receive the most delicious coffees delivered right to your door. Member ship includes a pound each month, each month a new variety and your first delivery comes with a Water Street Coffee cobalt diner mug. This makes a great gift for your friend, your office, or yourself! Price includes shipping and at $20 a month this is a steal!



Gifts For a Coffee Lover

For this section of our Holiday Gift Guide, we consulted our resident expert on all things coffee – Roastmaster Seth Chapman! Whether you’re looking to buy for a first time home brewer, the coffee professional, or just simply the coffee lover in your life, one of these is sure to be the perfect fit.


jam-boxJam Box Coffee Set

The Jam Box is a Boom Box inspired gift set with three 12 oz. bags of coffee that are only available at the holidays. These unique blends were formulated to celebrate Detroit’s music scene: Soul Revival, Detroit Metal, and Midnight Oil. With its unique packaging there is no need to even wrap this gift! “The great thing about these box sets are you can buy them in the shops or order them online and have them shipped as a great gift for friends and family you might not get to see at the holidays,” Seth notes.




Invented in 1941, the Chemex brews coffee without imparting any flavors of its own. On permanent display at MOMA in New York, it not only makes delicious coffee but is a work of art. Made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, the hourglass shape allows for even extraction of the coffee and creates an all-in-one system that is easy to use at home. When used with specialized Chemex filters, you end up with an incredibly smooth brew with a lower acidity. “It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and makes a great cup of coffee,” says Seth. “I definitely recommend it anyone looking to try a pour-over at home or to anyone looking for a new coffee experience in general.”


pressFrench Press

The French Press is perhaps the very opposite of the Chemex. A French Press is a full immersion brewing method, no filter needed, and probably the simplest coffee brewing method for at home use. Just throw the appropriate amount of coarsely ground coffee into your Press, top with hot water, let it steep, and you’ve got an instant cup of coffee that coffee lovers dream about. “Because there’s no filter,” Seth explains. “All the coffee oils and flavor go straight into your cup and create what is often considered the truest tasting coffee available.”

At Water Street we offer this essential coffee brewer in multiple types and sizes. Go plastic (for an unbreakable experience), glass and stainless steel, or even ceramic! Want to try it out first? We offer a Press Pot for Two at all of our cafe locations.


scaleEscali Arti Glass Scales

While not a brewing vessel, a kitchen or coffee scale is the perfect addition to both first time home brewers or the professional at-home coffee brewer. A scale gives you much greater precision when using a pour-over and it has multiple uses from coffee to kitchen to office. The Escali Arti Glass Scale is capable of weighing up to 15 pounds, weighs in both ounce and gram measurements, and comes in bright, fun colors.



And as always, we encourage you to Shop Local!




Stop by any of our shops and get your hands on all of the handmade mugs and greeting cards we offer. Local artists and companies we support include Grayling Ceramics, Bella Joy Pottery, Empty Vessel Pottery, Damn Handsome Grooming Company, Mary Brodbeck, and Kalamazoo Book Arts Center. Check ‘em out!


For a full look at everything we have to offer this holiday season please stop in to any Water Street retail location. Our baristas are always on hand to give suggestions or offer more information!