Cold Brew coffee, by definition, is simply the process of steeping coffee grounds in room temperature or cold water for an extended period of time. The result of this process is much different than what you would get by simply icing a hot brewed coffee. The lack of heat prevents many of the solubles in the coffee from completely dissolving resulting in a coffee with a much lower acidity, enhanced smoothness, greater sweetness, and generally little to no bitter component. The longer brewing time and higher coffee to water ratio are necessary to give the water more time to extract those solubles from the coffee grounds.

At Water Street, we have a unique Cold Brew called Iced Coffee with a BANG! It’s brewed with a custom blend of lighter to medium roasts and we love it for it’s sweetness and chocolate notes (not to mention a serious caffeine kick)! But many of our customers want to know about the process. Can I make a successful Cold Brew at home? The answer is absolutely yes! Below, we’ve included a step by step process using the Cold Brew on the Go with lots of Water Street tips and tricks that will let you make your own Cold Brew anywhere, anytime.

How to Cold Brew

1. Find an appropriate vessel for brewing your coffee. We recommend the Cold Brew on the Go, but anything from a french press to an iced tea pitcher will work just fine!

2. Choose a coffee you love!  

At Water Street, we use a special blend called Iced Coffee with a BANG! We also recommend to our customers that they try out cold brewing with a coffee that they already enjoy hot. Different roasts provide different characteristics, so feel free to experiment!

3. Begin with fresh coffee grounds and filtered water.

• Coffee should be ground on the coarsest setting.
• You will need a 1:8 ratio of coffee to water. (Ex. To make a quart, use 4 oz. of coffee to 32 oz. water.)

4. Place grounds into the container.

The Cold Brew on the Go already has a filter component that you place the grounds into. Don’t worry if you don’t have a filter – we’ll cover that in a bit – just pour your coffee grounds directly into the bottom of your preferred brewing pot.

5. Pour the pre-measured, room temperature or colder water over the grounds.

6. Cover and steep in the refrigerator for 12-18 hours, keeping in mind that the longer you let it brew the stronger the coffee will be.

7. After preferred steep time, remove the filter and dispose of the coffee grounds. If you are using a brewing vessel that does not have a filter system it will be necessary to filter out the coffee grounds. Coffee filters used for regular brewed coffee work great!

8. Hooray, your cold brew coffee is ready! Be careful though, that coffee will have 2-3 times more caffeine than your regular cup of joe.

Cool Tips:

• Grind coffee as coarse as possible, it should look like breadcrumbs.
• If the grind is too fine the coffee will over-extract and create a gritty, cloudy coffee that doesn’t taste good.
• The final product of a cold brew coffee can be treated as an “extract” and watered down to have more of the taste and caffeine content of a regular brewed coffee.
• Natural Processed coffees add a nice sweetness to your cold brew, almost like sugar has been added.

Are you looking to start your cold brew journey or gift a friend or family member with the tools to make cold brew at home? You can save when you purchase our Cold Brewer Gift Bundle! It’s the perfect start, that includes the Cold Brew on the Go glass bottle and a 14 oz. bag of our Iced Coffee with a BANG. We can even grind the beans for you—choose the “cold brew” grind type.

“This is a fun layered espresso drink that has a lot of character!” – Aaron Clay, Barista and Recipe Contest Winner

One of our favorite things about the employees here at Water Street Coffee Joint is the sense of fun and pride they have in their work. In celebration of this, we recently ran a company wide Drink Recipe Competition to see what our baristas, kitchen staff, and roaster staff might have up their sleeves! Let’s just say – we were not disappointed.

Recipes included everything from plain soda water to bitters to blueberry rooibos espresso. With a team of experienced judges, each drink was considered for its creativity, presentation, and taste.  While we found it difficult to pick a favorite, in the end it was an Oakland Barista, Aaron Clay, who’s Espresso Cream Soda won us over. The bubbles from the soda water are deliciously refreshing with the espresso and the WSCJ Housemade Vanilla Syrup in combination with the heavy cream on top give it a wonderful creamy, sweetness. Perfect for summer, and Aaron agrees!

So this is a drink I wanted specifically for summer,” Aaron says. “It’s a strong, yet refreshing espresso pick-me-up and has a fun layered look in our see-through cups.” 

And those layers are important! Each layer of the drink must go in at the right time to not only achieve the right look but also the right taste. Aaron told us, “The layered aspect of the drink gives it a lot of character but it can also change the drink if made incorrectly.” However, once your trusty barista has layered the soda properly, you do have to mix it up before you drink it. We know, we know, it’s pretty but we promise this is fun. Grab a straw and swirl the different layers together until you’ve got a final cool and creamy beverage with just the right amount of sweetness and froth on top. It truly is a treat!

The Espresso Cream Soda is available at all of our locations for the month of August so make sure you get it while you can. However, if you’re hooked or just want to do some coffee drink experimenting of your own, we’ve also included the recipe here for your use. Let us know what you think of this Water Street exclusive!


Espresso Cream Soda by Aaron Clay 

Ingredients: Ice, Soda Water, Vanilla Syrup, Espresso, Heavy Whipping Cream

Serving Size: 12 oz 

  1. Fill glass ⅔ full with ice.
  2. Fill glass ⅔ full with soda water.
  3. Add 1 oz vanilla syrup. 
  4. Pull espresso shots (2 oz) ON TOP of ice/soda water/syrup.
  5. Add 1 oz heavy whipping cream on top. 
  6. Add more ice to glass if needed to fill to the top. 
  7. Serve! (Stir before drinking.)

**Drink available in all sizes at our cafes.