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Fair Trade Organic Papua New Guinea – Fresh Crop

This Fair Trade and Organic certified coffee was produced by the 375 members of the Keto Tapasi Progress Association in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Founded in 2008, the association consists of smallholder farmers from 18 communities and villages who cooperate and collaborate, despite vast differences in culture and language between their heritage groups. The premiums they receive from their coffee are invested in depulpers, warehouse space, and transportation.The majority of coffee producers in Papua New Guinea are smallholder farmers owning anywhere from a dozen to a couple hundred dozen coffee trees. Coffee farms in Papua New Guinea are referred to as coffee "gardens" rather than farms, and the farms themselves bear no name and carry no formal demarcation to indicate where one farmer's land ends and the other begins. We feel that Papua New Guinea as an origin for unique, interesting, and stunning coffee is underrepresented in America, so we invite you to delight in this fresh, exciting coffee.
earthy, tomato, nutty
peach, bergamot, earthy
tart, lively
Try This in a n aeropress

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